Get Carver


Sargent Carver rubbed her eyes and the bridge of her nose, groaning in frustration. She had doubled the number of guards on the streets, she kept a closer eye on the docks and Lowood. She even dragged some shifty looking berks to the dungeon.

But how in Vastad's Balls was she supposed to to find any clues to the murderers of Wim Reise and his family in this influx of newcomers?

They all looked dodgy to her. Squinting eyed sheep shaggers from Kru'll looking for freedom, inbreed zealots from Mizar answering the call of the Crusade, knuckle dragging apes from Garrah, seeking fame and fortune. A pox on this assignment.

Maybe they were looking at this wrong. Well Sir Zane at least was, she was fooled by the poisoning. No one was going to came half way across the world, endure a hellish two month sea voyage with no assurance they would survive, to come a poison a second rated noble and his bride.

No, the target had been Master Sadir. Someone wanting to get rid of a rival.
But why kill so many people when a blade in the back would have been enough?

They had used enough poison to kill a herd of bulls. Maybe that was it. The poison was the key.

Who could have so much of the stuff laying around?

Realisation struck and she beckoned to her squad to follow.

They were going to pay a visit to Cagliostro's Apothecary...

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