Past of Stone

Islana had a feeling that whatever had befallen this ruined place and its missing people was more than just the passage of time. Nothing like that really explained the absence of animals in the valley. It made her question them staying there, repeatedly, but she also knew they needed to.

The movement of Madaya, suddenly, had Islana following the brown haired girl. Letting her green eyes focus for a moment on the ruins, it was difficult to tell what the building had once been.

The redhead went almost in an instant from curiosity to helping Madaya dig the hole. Islana didn't understand what was happening but knew the digging was important. While she would have helped the young girl anyway, there was a compelling force pushing it.

The digging was long and tiring but it was leading to something, Islana never even questioned that part or thought to stop.

Stone was finally hit, after a good portion of the day had drifted away. A large stone. Islana, of course, couldn't read the writing. It took her a moment to realize why her young friend had fallen to her knees, but then the sight of the tusks came into view.

Islana was suddenly compelled to fall to her knees as well. Only being able to make out an occasional word of Madaya's prayer, a decision was made to silently make her own to the Twin Gods.

Hopefully, the words to the prayers weren't as important as the meaning behind them. Islana felt the overwhelming urge to thank the Twin Gods and reaffirm her belief in them. Even if she did not understand why, it still was the prayer spoken in the woman's mind.

After a few moments of worship, Islana's focus turned back to the stone. A millennium likely had passed since it was carved. The huntress really had no idea how old this religion was but she did recall the conversation with Ozanine priests. They had said the first Seer had come to the desert thousands of years ago.

With the way Islana studied the stone for several minutes, it was as if she was expecting some answer about what had happened here to leap out from it.

Once Madaya was done with her prayers Islana would attempt to ask the girl if she understood the writings on the stone.

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