JP with Winteroak and Bandorchu

Had she truly spent the whole night trying to set her head straight? Gods. She’d better not make that a habit…

Packing done, Alexis looked around frowning. Tarmen was still nowhere to be seen.
Even if he had, well, too much fun last night, that didn’t feel right…

Should she look for him? Easier said than done, wasn’t as easy as just asking around here, with her handful of Ozainae…
But just idly waiting didn’t sit well with her either.

She arranged her shawl over her head and grabbed their packs, heading for the desert village’s tents.
Maybe he was still somewhere around the ‘commercial’ part of the oasis?

There were not many people up yet but try settlement was stirring with the familiar morning routines one could see everywhere. Women raising to tend cooking fires and rousing sleepy children and men setting out for the day to tend to crops and animals.

Still no sign of Tarmen. Although Alexis does see the merchants they traveled with.

The merchants at least knew what Tarmen looked like, so she would not have to explain that on top of everything else.

She walked over to them with a greeting, trying to communicate she was looking for her companion.

After a few moments of confusion, a lot of gestures and broken words in all the languages they could muster, and seeing the man that accompanied Alexis was missing, one of the merchants tried to reassure her and went off to speak to some of the elders. Meanwhile another offered to go look around with the mercenary in case the man was somewhere drunk...

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