A few days later into your trip, the narrow river you been travelling on suddenly flows into a large body of water, the size of a small lake.

Voah and Gonyaul see other small wooden vessels, with its white sails unfurled to the breeze, languidly making their way up and down the clear streams, similarly to yours, ferrying people and carrying cargo to the Holy City.

At the shores you see fields of wheats and grasses and even fruit trees along its men made irrigation ditches. You spotted people toiling the land and tending to herds of goats and camels.

It is an astonishing sight to see life thrive here in the heart of such a desolated environment. But you immediately get a sense of familiarity. One of civilization.

Its large reddish brown walls tower against the horizon. The skyline you see, commanded by a huge central building that sports the largest dome you have ever seen. It reminds Voah of the ancient Shrine-Cities of Mizar, steeped in history and tradition.

The boatman keeps his small vessel close to the shore until he comes about a small pier at the edges of the city. Strange looking flocks of long legged and long necked birds, waddle about, eating insects and small fish. Their white and black feathers, glistening in the afternoon sun.

You say your goodbyes and thanks, making your way along a well used path towards on of the gates that looms large ahead.

The streets are fashioned from a curious red stone, cut in square tiles, that seem to smolder with the reflection of the sun. The city looks ancient and in some areas completely abandoned and in disarray.

Despite the decay of some of the buildings there is a certain charm about the city and its people. Having covered yourselves in the way of the desert folk, with your scarves and robes, you don't attract much attention for now...

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