Waterfront Landing

Approaching the landing outside the walls of Gra’akast was exciting. The lake was full of dhows, sloops, and dinghies, some fishing, others carrying supplies. There was even a large, impressive barque being loaded with cargo.

It was as if Voah’s ears had been opened to an ambience that had long been forgotten after weeks of travel through dry desert and windswept plains. Over the natural sounds of the babbling current and the tweeting of desert birds came the murmur of Ozainae speech, the sounds of human toil, children playing… the sounds of civilization.

Pergolas and stalls with colorful cloth canopies dotted the outside of the city walls, ready for trade. Their vendors chatting idly as they awaited visitors.

Their arrival brought back the memory of her first steps in Arcadia. That was not such a graceful landing but at least she had lodging in Ostiarium. That was one of the first orders of business on Voah’s list and she already knew Gra’akast was going to be a tough place to navigate.

As for gainful employment, there were few options she could imagine available to her now that she was far from the society she knew well and neither she nor Gonyaul had any connections in the city.

Together, the two foreigners trudged along the red stone street leading into the city proper trying to decide whether to seek a a accommodations or a place to work.

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