Shalia spends her days getting to know the Ozainae and their ways, soaking in as much lore and tradition as she possibly can.

The Holy city offers opportunities in a scale that the bastions of Fang do not. She realises she had missed the intellectual challenges that come from living in a capital city, even if it's glory days are truly behind it now.

Tamazzalt makes a point of visiting her almost very day when his duties allow it. The man is a born diplomat and treats the young witch as the most important dignitary in their recent history. She can tell he is keen to ensure the Ozainae and Odonine alliance is strengthened. Shalia is afford all luxuries and comforts they can offer her.

One day he takes her to visit the Reliquary, a building that rivals the Great Library of Orb. And if the building in Salos is much larger and possibly contains more tombs and books, this one is much older, and its contents strech thousands of years into the past.

She learns much about the ancient past of the Odonine, now long forgotten, when their underground cities and holds, thrived and flourished, when they traded and influenced every corner of Arcadia's life. She learns of the decline of Fosia and the coming of Noraura. She learns of the first Sister Locust and her Pilgrimage of Bones.

On the days she takes to walk to the streets however she cannot stop be feel like she is being observed, watched, so much so that it makes her skin crawl...

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