In the shadow of 'The Wandering'


The first week went by very quickly,vVoah and Gonyaul, found that the Ozainae were not particularly tolerant with outsiders, especially those that were clearly vagrants and most likely hailing from Ostiarium. The city could be half empty and abandoned in parts, mainly around the outskirts, but that didn't mean that it's citizens turned a blind eye on anyone just arriving and deciding to settle. So they kept moving l, finding shelter where they could.

Gonyaul, despite his exotic appearance among Helians, could blend in a bit more, although he attracted curious looks once in a while. He tried to find work among the fields outside the city, but once it became clear that he could not speak the language he was shooed away. Although once every other day he could find some boatman than needed cargo carried from the port into the city for a handful of coppers.

Voah on the other hand, was accosted almost everywhere she went. Even when disguised and covered she was clearly not an Arcadian, never mind an Ozainae. Her pale skin reddish tint gave her away, as did her demeanor. Men in particular kept tempting her with coin, trying to coax her into dark alleyways for a few lustful minutes.

The ex Arbiter was struggling with being in a Holy City from a faith foreigner to her own. Many times she felt her self walking towards the centre of the city to visit their temple only to turn back at the last minute. She often saw their robed priests and the respect they commanded from ordinary citizens. When seeing these she gave them a wide berth not trusting herself around the Sorcerer-Priests.

They learned that their leader, this so called Sister Locust, had passed away a few weeks ago. And that a new incarnation was expected any day. They watched as caravans and boat carried many Ozainae into the city to witness the rebirth of their Seer...

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