The Morning After

The morning came far too soon. That wasn't a sentiment often thought by the huntress but today certainly warranted it.

Taking longer than normal to get going, some water was drunk, it didn't do much for the pounding in her head or the other aches felt.

Glancing upward, Kaithak was already flying circles in the air. Madaya still slept near Islana, only stirring slightly. One of the foursome was gone though, the Sk'elep had slipped off to other places.

A great deal of gratitude was there for the animal's rescue of them, of her, but why it had done that twice now was a curiosity that Islana might never fully get an answer to.

It had been injured last night, the young woman would have preferred it had stayed for that reason, but now she could only hope that the large jackal was going to be alright.

Islana took a self inventory as best she could. Her stamina was a little better but certainly not where it should be. Her entire body felt sore.

Her injuries felt worse. On her left side, her ribs hurt a great deal but she still didn't think they were broken. Possibly bruised badly. Her arm might be a different story- she was having problems moving it. It went back into the sling.

The real test for her ankle would be when she stood. It might have been easier if all of her physical injuries had been relegated to one side of her body but, of course, it couldn't be that simple. It was Islana's right ankle that was injured. Standing, and carefully taking a step. There was that pain again.

The mental pain might have been the worst. Islana didn't even try her power, as it still felt gone. That wasn't the only reason however, the idea that the hive mind might be waiting for the opportunity to attack her, made the red headed witch weary about trying.

Logically, the Skara was dead but there had been little about that attack that had followed what Islana knew. There was no way to know what really happened to the hive mind once the creature died.

Catching sight of Madaya waking up, she noticed the girl instantly looking off to the other side of the cliff. Islana felt it strongly, as well. The pull wasn't going to allow them to stay there much longer.

The redhead sat back down. The two ate a breakfast of jerky, water and berries. After a few minutes, Kaithak joined them. Not much was said beyond morning greetings, it didn't really need to be.

Both Islana and Madaya's robes were torn and dirty. Their hair was a mess. Add the injuries and burned skin by the huntress and the two of them probably made quite the sight. Might as well complete the look.

Nearby a good size sturdy stick was found. Islana now had a walking stick. While it was necessary, it, along with the giant stinger Islana now had for a sword, did give even more of that recently fought battle style.

By this point, the pull had become too strong to put it off any longer. The three travelers continued on their journey.

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