All in a Day's Work

Gonyaul was on his way home to Voah with a proud smile ornamenting his face and a small purse with a few more coppers. Even though it had been a long day of hard labor unloading cargo for a boatman, he had a spring in his step that only comes from the feeling of accomplishment mixed with gratitude. Work was not guaranteed at all. He was at the mercy of boatmen needing additional assistance. He had to make sure he was there before sunrise and present himself as eagerly available throughout the day, which was easy for someone so adept at patience and meditation. One pastime, which on occasion would earn him a copper, was taking the reeds from the river's edge and weaving them to form flowers; something he learned as a child back home with the study of the art of folding.

In addition, it needed to be a boatman that was willing to look past his foreign exotic appearance and lack of language without discrimination, so whenever he was permitted to work it was a blessing. He always ended his time the same way, with a deep respectful Vauxian bow thanking the boatman for the opportunity to be of assistance.

In truth, he would have helped unload the cargo for free just because they were in need; however, he accepted the money because it was required to do and procure things around town just like in Helias and Ostiarium. Money, such a silly thing that caused so much trouble he would sometimes ponder.

Gonyaul would always go straight home to Voah. There was no other distraction, not food, drink, people, or entertainment that even registered as a temptation in comparison to getting the chance to spend quality time with her after being apart. They had to keep moving to different locations, so it was always an adventure finding his way back, made more exciting because the nearer he got the more he would become aware to not be trailed or noticed; he didn't want others to know where he was going. It was not difficult among the city layout to accomplish this aim.

He would consistently greet her with the enthusiasm you would get from a tail-wagging puppy dog and adoration from a passionate lover, regardless of how tired he was or if he wasn't treated well down at the docks. Today he felt like a mighty hunter that tracked down some coppers. In addition, he was very much aware of how the city was not being very hospitable or decent towards Voah. On the one hand they would see her as a sex object to take advantage of and on the other hand discriminate against her because she was obviously Helian. These things also probably paled in comparison to the tension regarding her belief system and the religion of the Ozainae. It made him seriously consider if staying in Gra'akast would be a long term option or not. He had won over people's hearts before and perhaps in doing so, he could help change their perception of Voah. If not, her needs would come first. Even if that meant leaving the known for the unknown again.

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