Voah slept hard and the next morning she apologized to Gonyaul who was instantly forgiving.

Continuing forward that week, she decided to keep her mind off of negative thoughts and Voah resolved to spend her days being more productive by people watching, learning as much as she could and documenting her experiences to help better their situation. She wrote down simple words she heard used in common conversations or shouted at her by market vendors, practicing the words with Gonyaul in the evenings while they ate extremely meager but grateful meals of apples, figs, and other strange fruits and vegetables.

Ma: yes
Qa: no
Kuj'ra: please and you are welcome?
Thresil: thanks (informal)

They added these words to their slowly growing Ozainae vocabulary but some of the words and "gahdi" food still felt foreign to their tongues.

Voah made maps of the city dotted with alleyways and notes of secret places to hide away. Being always on the move kept hers body limber and toned. She stretched, practiced katas (both armed and unarmed) and did calisthenics. She was thinner after weeks of travel, but she was agile as ever and growing stronger. It showed as she climbed abandoned buildings and hopped rooftops.

Between the two of them, Voah and Gonyaul were able to work out that the 'Alish Woluar' had died and if they understood it correctly, the sorcerer priests didn't sap the vitality out of poor, innocent souls like the V'roni clan had done to her and her mother, in order to fuel the youth of their so-called 'immortal prophetess'. The concept was unfolding but the magik still didn't sit well with Voah.

The city was becoming busier lately with new arrivals awaiting and preparing for the Adali-Narar'ket; the "birth again" of the Alish Woluar.

Expecting to see a mother-to-be, Voah kept her eyes out, but she soon got the feeling that she didn't fully understand how this rebirth process worked.

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