Changing into his desert garbs was probably not the best idea Oshar ever had. Yes, a fire was a big distraction but a skulking native moving away from the scene was not something easily ignored.

A few shouts came his way from the gathering crowds, that were rushing from the walls to help with the blaze. A few men tried to grab him, which he easily avoided but others gave chance, shouting for the guards.

Lowood although the poorest ward of the city was next to the Barracks district and that spelt trouble. The ward was also one of the most densely populated areas in Ostiarium.

The Herald of the Maelstorm knew he had underestimated his pursuers and rushed his escape, when the first few arrows started flying over his head.

Behind him a grim looking Carver and a squad of her men gave chase, running down their target towards the city walls.

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