Great Desert of Skulls

Later in the evening as the light of the waning moon hardly illuminated the desert below, Tarmen watched as the figure of a young woman emerged from the shadows and into the oasis.

She was dressed in yellow robes with a green scarf over her head. She greeted your captors coming close to their small fire. She cast a few nervous glances your way. The man from Kru'll however sensed that the young woman was more afraid of him than of her fellow Ozainae.

The young woman, just on the cusp of adulthood, looked like she had been travelling long. Her lips were cracked, and her hair and attire covered in sand and dust. She looked like she had been travelling for a while.

The three dark robed figures asked her to join their fire and the woman of the group shared her water skin with the young girl. She looked again at Tarmen and the one who had slapped him around a bit made a dismissive gesture towards the Helian.

Tarmen understood the word 'Slave', which made her even more uncomfortable. He knew what was coming next wasn’t going to be pretty...

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