Friends for All Days

Click here for the music to Gonyaul’s song below.

In Vauxian tongue:

“The seasons keep turning’
Beneath stars that roam
I reach out to meet you
But find I’m alone
There’s distance between us
Sweet things left unsaid.
So I’ll send in the winds the thoughts in my head.

Be with me,
Be with me,
Friends far away.
For I hold you in my hopes every day.
I’ll love you always come what may.

Of power I have little
And pride I have less
Don’t know what to sow
That would help others best
I’m just one little person and the world seems unkind
I am lost without you
Until I bring you to mind.

Be with me,
Be with me,
Friends far away.
For I hold you in my hopes every day.
Stay with my heart and help guide the way.

And as each sunset settles
Whether I’m found or I’m lost
Our journey together was worth any costs
No matter the hardships
That we may endure
Our friendship will bless us,
Because it was pure.”

Gonyaul wiped the slow rolling tears which the song helped release. While singing, his mind was filled with past memories and his heart swelled with joy: Alexis’s first smile outside Nicolaus shop. Islana and he planting a flower together at the Keep. Boyce performing at Voah’s natal day. Flying through the air due to a mountain ape with Alexis coming to the rescue. Islana feeding the birds at the Greyriver homestead. All of them running from bees, sitting around a campfire telling stories, and building a home together were but just a few of the many he resampled.

Gonyaul climbed down the mound and headed for home.

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