Great Desert of Skulls

Tarmen, watched quietly at the exchange between the trio and the newcomer. She was offered food and drink, and seemed relief to have found company and someone to speak to. She had the looks of someone that was bone weary.

Tarmen had seen this many times back home and on the roads of Helias. Groups of brigands and highwaymen would sometimes lure their victims with the promise of safe camp, food and drink, camaraderie, only to slice their throats when they fell asleep.

Their bodies left behind on a ditch after being looted. Sometimes these types like a bit of fun before they killed their victims. Some men just had an appetite for torture and violence. It was the way of the world. The strong preyed on the weak.

He saw the man he played the game of Tiddas rise to fetch some water from the watering hole with the other two kept talking to the young woman. He saw that when he returned to the camp he took the long way round, coming behind the girl who was facing the fire.

Tarmen saw the glint of steel as the man pulled a dagger from his belt...

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