Points of interest

‘Obelisk of Life’. ‘Obelisk of Fate’.

Well, as far as Alexis was concerned she’d prefer the former translation. She was currently pretty fed up with ‘fate’.

The mercenary was watching the obelisk from her camp, getting an impression of the prayers the people were conducting here.
So obviously this was a holy place of some description, probably connected with those twin gods.
She wanted to get a better look at it, but decided she would wait until the traffic died down.

Alexis pulled out the map again. Not a constellation, it seemed. Landmarks.
Her finger wandered over the three marks.

She should try and find the other two. There was still some time until nightfall, when hopefully less people would flock to the obelisk.
Alexis wasn’t yet sure how these markings related to the location of the shaft, but they had to be there for a reason.


Alexis sighed, and looked over to the city. Tar had claimed that Islana was headed here as well. Could that really be true? If so, where could she be? She‘d stand out even more than Alexis, with her flaming hair, and so far the Ozainae didn’t seem to be the hospitable kind.

She pointedly ignored the voices trying to pull her attention back to her quest.
Islana was the reason she was here in the first place. If Fosia really thought she was going to forget about her in favour of his freaking hammer, she wasn’t surprised he fucked up so bad with his one time priestess, now central religious figure of the Twin God cult. Unhealthy streak of self importance there. Though to be fair, with the whole ‘thou shalt have no other gods before me‘ thing many religions seemed to have going on, including the Pillars, that was probably a pretty common trait among the divine.

There was a hint of a smile as she thought about what Gonyaul would have to say about that. Probably suggest they’d all have a good sit-down and settle their differences so they could work together to make things better for everyone. Wouldn’t that be something.

She missed him, just as much as Islana. She missed Voah, too. Alexis could only hope the two of them had found themselves somewhere safe.
It pained her that she didn’t know the fate of any of her friends. Islana. Gonyaul. Voah. Tarmen. Hunter. All of them somewhere out there, probably in danger. Hopefully at least Wim and Nikolaus were alright, back in Ostiarium.

She wanted to see them again, all of them. Like way back when, celebrating Voah’s natal day.

~But I suppose…~
she thought, the weight of the hammer head pulling her back from her reverie.
~… it’s called the ‘Ichor of Solitude’ for a reason.~

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