Where She Is

The sun was back to its full glory and the heat had quickly gained power. While it seemed impossible to get completely used to either one, that fair skin of hers wasn't helping, Islana had adapted more than she ever thought her body would.

Islana's natural fast pace, despite her injuries, still made her faster than the young girl. The huntress was used to pacing herself next to other adults, all of whom were almost always taller than she was, or she was alone (besides Kaithak).

Not intentionally leaving the child behind, Islana wouldn't do that, but she found herself with an uncharacteristically wandering mind and a pull that actually seemed stronger than before, if that was possible. It made keeping pace with Madaya extremely difficult.

There had been times, throughout the day, that the thought to call Kaithak down had come to her. A sudden flash of memory would come, the hive mind and its violation of her. It was far too recent. What if it was lingering in her subconscious or elsewhere, waiting to try again? Maybe later … maybe. For now, the whistle commands came in handy.

Her thoughts lingered to the past year and how the events all seemed to end up here. How everyone that had come through her life, the good and the bad, had played their own part in where the huntress currently found herself.

Her name was heard through the memories, calling her back to the present. Turning around to face Madaya, and apologizing again, for leaving the girl behind. Madaya just waved off the apology, she did understand some of what was happening, feeling the call herself.

Islana's gaze followed where Madaya was pointing. An oasis.

The redhead gave the nod of "Let's go" to the brown haired girl and the two, with Kaithak flying above, headed towards the oasis.

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