Three ships flying the colours of Salos and under the patronage of its King, attempt to cross the Sea of Storms following the ancient belief that land exists to the west of Helias. Many had attempted the journey in the past, seeking the riches rumoured to exist in those far away lands, but none appeared to have succeeded. Until three years ago.

After a forty seven day long trip into the unknown, into what many believed to be a suicide quest, the captains of three vessels makr landfall to the east of a strange new continent that they named 'Arcadia', claiming it in the name of Pilos II, who shortly afterwards declared himself Emperor of Salos and Arcadia.

Two vessel stayed behind mapping the coastline of the new land, while attempting to secure a beachhead and foothold into the new continent, while the third returned home with news of their success.

A New World was beckoning...

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