"The acrid smell of unwashed bodies and bodily fluids, permeates the damp hot air in the hold of the ship, where you have spent most of your days. You keep to yourself as much as you can, only going up to the top deck when allowed and the weather permits. You knew the journey would be long and dangerous but part of you had never really contemplated the vastness of the open waters before. Or how volatile the sea could be and the immense isolation one felt sailing across its expanse.

You hear the sailors reassure some of the others that any day now you would sight land and dock in the port of Ostiarium. But you also watch many of them making small petitions to Cambena, Goddess of the Seas, as if they did not trust their own words. And they fear you will all be lost to her embrace.

You pay little attention to it. Or try not. Your mind is cast back to the last few months and the decisions that led you into accepting this hellish journey into the unknown. You had very little choice in the matter. To stay behind would have led you to a dead end. And when you scan the faces of many of the others you see the same. You are all running from something. You all carry your own demons in the bowels of these vessels.

Three years the Empire have tried and secure more land in Arcadia would to meet with fierce resistance. Tensions along the borders to the south with Garrah and Torja means the Empire had to be creative in attracting men for its expeditions while their soldiers stay behind. Promises of riches, land, a clean slate. Five years of badly paid service in the Colonial Army in exchange for passage, free meals and no questions asked. And that suited you fine.

You go to sleep eventually, more than used to the sickening motion of the rolling ship. Unbeknownst to you, tomorrow you will arrive in Arcadia and your new life..."

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