Listening In

Four months later

“Another 10 percent.” Duke Gett’s deep voice carried into the hallway where Islana waited.

“Another 10? The King is going to tax everyone out of Torja.” Vasant sounded on the border of annoyance and anger. "Are the rumors true then, about him?”

Islana happened upon this conversation as she held a tray carrying drinks to the two men. The door to Vasant’s study stood slightly cracked open. She knew her owner would be furious if he caught her listening in but the girl had gotten better at it over the years.

Her relationship with the Lord had morphed into something else. His anger had grown, and his patience (what little there was of it) lessened with the redhead. He had taken to reminding her again and again that she was worthless and no one would want her. The almost daily acknowledgments that there was no place the young slave could go had eaten away at her core. Mostly because of the truth in that statement.

The worst change however was the obsessive nature in which the man treated her. She was now always the one to wait on him. When there were guests it wasn’t so bad but in private - those were the times to be dreaded. The two alone meant he could say things like how she would make fine babies for him or how one day he would order her to grace his bed. It also the little touches. A single finger run down the fair-skinned cheek or the larger hand wrapped around the much smaller wrist. It was always things not quite crossing the line of inappropriate but any touch by that man made the redhead’s skin crawl and her heart pound. There was never telling what Vasant might do next and he was well aware that it was another way to control her.

These reasons made Islana want to find a way out of that house, any opening to gain her freedom. So, snooping had become a lifeline of sorts. If she could find out something, anything to use on him then maybe he would let her go. It could completely backfire but at this point, there wasn’t much to lose.

So she stood there listening at the door, timing it ever so perfectly. Too long and Vasant would wonder where the slave was.

“I met with the King a few weeks ago.” The Duke explained. “It is true. Poor man has practically lost his mind.”

KIng Seden Ignaz II, the King of Torja, while the name was never spoken, it was clear that was who the two men were speaking about. Meeting like this or ones with a few more nobles had become quite commonplace over the past few months. They were always held in secret. So, the fact that the door had been carelessly left open was surprising.

There were six nobles, all together, involved in the group. Duke Gett, Lord Mallo, Baron Sux, Lord Foss (the man who had married the eldest daughter of the Mallks and made his home in Torja), Lady Nosset and Lord Vasant. Duke Gett seemed to be the one in charge and Vasant could have been his second for all the times the two men were together. Not every meeting was held at the Lord’s house but the majority were.

“I’ve contacted the others by letter, we need another meeting and soon.” Gett continued. “I have my group just waiting for this opportunity.”

“Understood.” Islana held her breath as Lord Vasant paused, she thought for a brief moment that maybe he had spotted the cracked door but instead the man spoke up again. “Now where is that girl with our drinks.”

“The little redheaded one?” The Duke asked. “I’m surprised you’ve not made a woman of her yet.”

“All in good time. I have plans for that one.” Islana shivered at Vasant’s words. She had heard enough and knocked on the door, carefully to not give away the small opening.

With the command to enter, the girl left the tray on the desk as indicated by the Lord and then made herself scarce, closing the door behind her. There was something in the works, something big. Islana couldn’t figure out what exactly but the girl’s curiosity had increased greatly.

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