Tardy to Martial Arts Class

Gonyaul (11 years old) was late getting to the next training session, having been late to start his chores. Truthfully, he might have missed all his chores lost in imagination above the sun salutation platform if not for getting caught. Being late meant further discipline. It involved holding a plank position with a bowl of water upon his back while Orohc Vandwln addressed the class. Should he spill the water during the next three minutes while the Orohc presented the agenda for the day, the entire class would be put through extra "rigorous" training. Gonyaul's legs already felt like limp noodles from before and he was certain his arms and core would feel equally fatigued after this. By the end he was straining; however, to his and classmates favor, he did not spill the water from the bowl.

Finally getting to join the lines of his peers at the center of the large platform space, with the occasional tree trunk and branches piercing through and upwards, Gonyaul was pleased the session was about to begin. Orohc Vandwln taught them Vauxian martial arts, every day since they had turned five years old, and the kinesthetic lessons always captivated his attention.

The style was very dance-like and acrobatic. Learning balance, timing, spacing, falling safely, and adapting to the unexpected were practiced with frequency and intentionality. The overall concept was to remain calm, gentle, and flow like water that took the necessary shape of its situational container; however, always mindful that if needed a tidal wave could build power from the "ebb & flow" fluidity to bring immense force crashing upon the rocks. Defense, evasion and redirection of momentum were the main focus when out of hold; however, if persistent contact became unavoidable it also specialized in locking-up, throws, grappling, and if necessary rendering an opponent inoperable to continue.

Many of the techniques could turn from passive to lethal should a Vaux lose control of their sensibility; however, that is also why Orohc Vandwln trained them exponentially more on the morality of combat, self-control, discipline and the meaning behind every single move and combination. To "strike" for the purpose of "attack" was forbidden. "Striking" to "stop" an opponent from causing further harm to themselves, you, or others was acceptable but it should never come from a place of anger or any other neurotic emotion. In short, Vauxian martial arts is meant to be an extension of beauty of the human form and its capability within an environment's space. It was designed to tame the chaotic clash of combat and the wrathful hearts of mankind into a pleasing dance and calming peace respectively; patiently providing an olive branch of friendship instead of doing divisive harm.

Every training session had the same pattern. It would start with Vandlwn warming them up with very slow techniques, stretching them through the entire range of the physical art form and reinforcing every detail from head to toe. There would be tests on their precision and patterns, first reviewed with their partner for the session and then reviewed by the instructor. Ample feedback would be provided with additional exercises assigned that were appropriate to helping improve whatever fell short of perfection. After review, Vandlwn would introduce new material in digestible bite size chunks. This would be followed by more practice like before. The climax of the session would be the sparing, or putting what they learned to use through some sort of practical test. The end would then be partner stretching to cool down, followed by a period of individual meditation; during which they either had a question to contemplate or an exercise in previsualization of an assigned motion. Physical conditioning was incorporated throughout the entire training session; at times a singular focus but more often woven into the other segments.

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