I was there

The Scroll of The Last Day

The field was lost, everything was lost. The wolves were at the gates with fangs bared and claws bathed in blood, their powerful jaws, closing in around our necks.

Stars have fallen from the sky and the white towers in ruins lied. The enemy was within, everywhere...

I was there on the last day. When the age of enlightenment came to an end. When the zealotry of fanatics brought down the mightiest of the nations.

I was there when the Sorcerer-King Torkaus, finally stopped walking the skies above Murontomaga, ceased shouting his battle cants like a star in the night, the last bearer of hope, how he dropped his sorcerous wards, and the enemy at his gates burned no more under his song.

I will forever remember how he had gleamed like a star above the battle, the weeks before that fateful day, how the sound of his horn pealed like a raging storm, which was heard no more.

I was there, when he realised the folly of his actions against the Children of the Void, had stoked the fires of hatred against the realms further still. I was there when he realised all hope was lost.

Gone was the wisdom of a thousand years. Gone to the ignorance of blind faith and the cursed gods. Tomorrow would birth a world in fire and chains and fear. Light would fail at dawn, the moon will be gone, and deadly the night will reign.

I was there when he killed his own family in sacrificial ritual, to use their royal blood in his final spell.

I was there when the last drop of blood fell at the altar of his final oblation.

I was there for the final heartbeat of Murontomaga. It did not go out with a sigh or a whimper, but with the rage of a thousand suns.

No one will ever know the exact nature of what was unleashed that night, but almost everyone within the city died in the next heartbeat. And the storm Torkaus unleashed, tore a wound in reality and the Ether came pouring in unabated.

I was there when he cursed the world and his enemies. The hate those words still echoes in my nightmares.

"Damned shall thy houses be for all times..."

Uttered, as the strange energy released that evening spread from the ruins of Murontomaga like a silent plague.

I was there that Last Day. I was there before I, like a Few other Conjurers, sensing what was coming, stepped through portals to find that wherever we went, barren and lifeless stood the land.

I was there on the Last Day and now I am here. To find a path out of the dark, to find a way out of the lost road. To lead the Few to a new fate.

Lila, Onyxheart

Order of the Pale Suns, Founder

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