Returning home

Maru Caravanserai

Shalia stood in front of the Warchieftan of the Odonine. It had been too long.

Their eyes locked for several heartbeats and she could see the pride in his. Like there has never been any doubt in his mind that she would accomplish the mission he had given her.

Convince Sister Locust to raise the Horde. To destroy the Helians and eradicate their ways from Arcadia before it was too late.

The Voice of Winter had not returned alone to Fang. She arrived at the head of a large contingent of around 50 men and women, in dark robes, which she called The Brotherhood of the Ebony Hand.

Koshnem proceed to explain to his most trusted advisor what his plan was next.

Reclaim Aquilo from Ostiarium. Offer the Helians living there their lives in return for joining the his banner and in the process secure the stell making secrets the small settlement possessed.

They would move tomorrow. The first salvo on the War for Arcadia was about to be fired...

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