Plans Derived

JP with Winteroak and Cindy

"That is a concern of ours as well. I have heard the Silent Flock is extremely zealot in their devotion to the man called the Purger. If the Purger could be gotten rid of that might shake their faith enough to give us an upper hand." The Sister paused for a moment. "Do you know of any special equipment or abilities the Inquisition might have used to aid in the defeat? I am aware that some of the Arbiters have been given boons, abilities to help them in fighting magik."

There was a moment of silence while the leader of the Odonine cast his mind back to the final day of the Odsier War.
"Symbols, fetishes, some objects, but we did not spend much time with the Inquisition for obvious reasons. One of the reasons why Shalia Nix was not among us." He said. "You two will likely know more about their ways than anyone else." He said mentioning their origins.

The plan to get rid of the red eyes demon however was worth exploring. Maybe now was the time to broach a subject that could become a thorn between the two factions later. She would find it out sooner or later.

"What about the Brotherhood?" He asked. "Sounds like the kind of task most suited to their talents." Before she could reply he added quickly. "They have offered their services to my banner for the duration of the war."

It was now Islana's time to be silent for a moment. So, that's where the Brotherhood had gone off to, not surprising. She turned towards her trusted advisors to see if they had any response to the idea of letting the Brotherhood take care of the Purger.

Amastan and Agizul exchanged worried looks. Izdärasen however nodded seeming to appreciate the insight offered by the Warchieftan. But as ever the final decision would be hers.

Islana did not miss the worried looks exchanged between Amastan and Agizul, she could also quite clearly hear a number of the voices of the past reminding the now leader that the Brotherhood could not be trusted. However, Sister Locust could not figure out how they had anything to gain by not killing the Purger. Did she trust the Brotherhood? No. Did she trust the Brotherhood to do this particular task? That was the real question.

After a few moments and there were no actual words uttered from her advisors, it became clear she just needed to decide.

"Let it be then. The Brotherhood can take care of the Purger." Maybe, they could prove some form of loyalty in that sense. "Make sure they are aware that failure can not be an option. If they are caught by the Purger, they will likely be tortured and then killed." Though it was likely the Brotherhood already knew that.'

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