The Role of Betrayal

Ch’Truta walked to the tree, once more to behold the peacefulness of the fluttering butterflies. As he gazed and meditated, Ch’Truta evaluated where the horde was.

They were preparing for the largest battle they had yet fought. These outsiders were strong. In some ways, their weapons were more advanced. But they did not have the spirits on their side. This gave the horde the advantage over the weapons of the enemy.

For Ch’Truta, it was beyond fathomless that anyone would bring division to the horde’s ranks. They all wanted to push these newcomers back into the sea from where they came. Yet, it seemed that some were against Islana’s leadership.

While it is true that Islana came from the ranks of the enemy, she stood for everything the enemy abhorred. Magik. Ch’Truta assumed that he would be considered a magik wielder as well, despite his trances having nothing to do with spells, but rather from drinking the solution of swamp water and small amounts of the poison he carried with him. Taking these doses in small portions had caused Ch’Truta to be immune from the more life risking effects of the poisons.

Now, Ch’Truta considered what he must do. He must feign betrayal of the one he had come to love. He must put up a good front to earn Silina and her warrior’s trust. He had to find the truth of Silina’s plans.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ch’Truta spied a young boy, about twelve years old, chasing the butterflies and laughing. The scene brought a smile to Ch’Truta. Pulling a small coin from his pouch, Ch'Truta called the young boy to him.

With the boy standing before him, Ch’Truta asked, “Do you know of Silina of the Aroka?”

“Yes!” the boy replied, “Doesn’t everyone?”

Ch’Truta grinned placing the coin in the lad’s hand. The boy reminded him of himself, with a certain pride about him. “Fetch her for me. I will await her in this spot.”

The boy’s eyes widened at the coin. He wondered if this man had more. Perhaps he should stay close to him. Everyone talked of the mysterious shaman.

“It will be done,” the boy chimed and nodded as he turned to run off to look for Silina.

So, it begins! Ch’Truta thought. He knew he had to sell himself to Silina. It had to be believable.

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