The Plan

Ch’Truta allowed himself to stand at this point and to look upon Islana as he thought of a plan. He knew he would do anything for her. Not only did the spirits lead him to follow her, but a deeper love was growing within him every time he gazed at her. Still, Ch’Truta was certain he should keep this to himself. He was not sure what the spirits would think of this.

“I could feign that the spirits in disappointment have pulled their support from you,” Ch’Truta suggested. “I may be able to garner information by making her believe I am betraying you by coming to her. She knows I adhere to the spirits’ leading. Perhaps she will believe the Twins will reject you too.”

"That plan sounds like it might work," The Sister replied. "Please, though be careful. If you feel like you are in serious danger, just get out of there." Islana did care about her advisors, and had a certain fondness for Ch'Truta due to his unwavering loyalty to her despite having no real ties to the Twins.

Ch’Truta heard her words and rejoiced in serving such a caring leader. He was tempted to take this to heart and believe she had the same feelings for him, as he had for her. Had Ch’Truta not seen this same care Sister Locust had for others of her people, Ch’Truta would have likely believed this to be true. This care she had for them was another sign of true leadership.

“I will be careful,” Ch’Truta insisted, allowing a smile to cross his lips. “Nothing shall keep me from returning to follow you.”

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