An Emotional Kaleidoscope

Sentinel Island - Haven

Gonyaul was experiencing a kaleidoscope of emotions while earnestly attending to every word of the history lesson. It registered on his face and was quite easy to read.

He was confused and discouraged that his elders had not taught this information. Measuring what he knew next to this new account, he realized that they integrated instead of conflicting. Vaux don’t lie, he kept turning over in his mind. It then dawned on him that it wasn’t a lie of commission, but a deliberate choice of omission. That realization led to more questions. Why leave important details out?

Gonyaul felt a growing cognitive dissonance in his present world view. There were now two diametrically opposed perspectives trying to occupy the same space. It was uncomfortable. On the one hand, his original way of thinking that was now tentatively stable and holding onto life because of this new information. On the other hand, there was the new information itself which threatened to transform his views into something new should he choose to adapt with it. He felt anxious due to the realization of this risk. What would he become should he change?

He had much to think about already and was glad that the narrative came to an end for the time being.

At the mention of the Voah, he felt anguish, grief and bittersweetness. It was a complex emotional mixture that hurt while simultaneously bringing joy and sadness to the forefront of his mind. He missed her so very much. When they were together though, the world always seemed to get in the way to pry them apart. Even when they finally had a chance, it became obvious that they had different expectations and goals. Would kagim bring them back together, or did it have other plans for them both that required them apart? Time would tell.

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