Beware the Inquisition

Sentinel Island - Haven

Gonyaul suddenly realized he had let an awkward amount of time pass without answering her question.

He spoke up finally, “I was taught that initially my people turned to other countries for refuge and survival. In our moment of duress, we did not discern the true designs of those in power so eager to help. I learned recently that some Vaux were even convinced to assist them in the fight to stop the unbounded and unwarranted tragedy. All the while, we were distracted from the real agenda our newfound allies had been hiding. When we discovered their true motivations and intentions, it was obvious that their transgressions and aims were similar to those of the persecuting magik users; just with different methods.

When we refused to go along with their plans; however, the Inquisition realized that they didn’t actually need us … while controlling us would have been their first choice … but that they could still accomplish their conquest with just our bones.”Gonyaul was unaware of the breeding projects that were attempted.

Gonyaul’s eyes were starting to water and his voice grew shaky with sorrow as he empathized with his ancestors.

“The Inquisition turned on my people unexpectedly. We thought we were safe, but we were actually lambs led to the slaughter. Many a Vaux sacrificed themselves to enable a few to escape. The Inquisition hunted us down, the Arbiters leading the pursuit. People that believed in the Pillars were taught to turn us in. My group was the only one that successfully evaded their grasp and was able to disappear from their reach.”

Gonyaul used his sleeve to wipe his eyes. “We were taught to fear the Inquisition and their champion Arbiters. And rightly so. It was rather serendipitous that I came to know Arbiter Voah. I learned that no matter where you go there are decent and indecent people. I was surprised to discover that she was a … decent … Arbiter. That was surprising. Our relationship grew from there.”

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