A Haunting Lullaby

Sentinel Island - Haven

Gonyaul had looked down at his feet as if they were the gatekeepers to the past. He was traveling back further in his memories, back to childhood. “We learned this haunting lullaby as children.”

Gonyaul began to sing in a soft voice. He could still feel the chills of fear it brought forth from his youth. He could see his peer group huddled together at night singing it, gripping each other tightly as so not to have an Arbiter steal them away in the night.

”Close your eyes, my child, but beware,
Arbiters lurk in the midnight air.
In shadows deep, their whispers scheme,
A deadly dance, a haunting dream.

Cloaked in doom, their judgment's sway,
Hunters in the dark, night and day.
They seek not tales, but lives to sever,
A grim lesson that lasts forever.

So close thy eyes, but keep in mind,
Inquisitor’s grasp, not far behind.
Stay thee quiet and hold on tight, lest in the morning you are absent come light.”

Gonyaul hummed the song one more stanza before stopping.

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