*Somewhere in the outskirts of Aquilo*

He was facing the small fire he'd built, but his eyes could not see the flames. It did not even produce enough heat to keep the cold of the approaching Winter at bay. In the dark cave behind him, he could smell the carcass of the cave bear he slaughtered. He would gather its pelt and some meat before heading to Ostiarium where some of his brothers and sisters already prepared the way for what was to come.

In the dim recesses of an ancient cave of Fang, where shadows danced with the flickering flames of his small fire, the lone servant sat crossed legged thumbing a vial of a viscous green substance. The air hung heavy with the weight of expectation. He had never liked the stuff. 'Felfar', the dream of mad gods. But here so far away from the desert and in the realm of Ice and Fire he had very few options.

Amalu drained the vial in one quick swig and settled himself for the madness that was to follow...

With chains of sorrow binding her form, the goddess spoke in a voice that seemed to echo from the depths of time itself, her words imbued with both ange4r and fury.

"Child of the mortal realm, hear my words, for they foretell the cataclysm that approaches. In the darkness of my imprisonment, I have witnessed the machinations of my treacherous siblings, who shackled me to claim dominion over my people."

Her voice grew stronger, fuelled by the fire of righteous indignation.

"But know this, faithful servant, the chains that bind me shall soon shatter, rent asunder by the forces of destiny. The way lays ready, a vessel secured in the hands of the Ascendant. When the two worlds clash, sisters fight one other and the stars weep tears of blood, I shall rise from my captivity, a tempest of divine wrath unleashed upon the world."

The servant trembled at the magnitude of the prophecy, but the goddess's gaze softened, imbuing her words with a glimmer of hope.

"Fear not, for in my liberation lies the salvation of the pure of heart. Through fire and fury, I shall cleanse our world of corruption, laying waste to the false idols and tyrants that have defiled it. But from the ashes shall arise a new dawn, where justice shall reign and harmony shall be restored."

With a final flourish of her ethereal presence, the goddess imparted her blessing upon the servant, a beacon of light in the encroaching darkness. The path that most be followed. One that even he could have not foreseen.

"Go forth, my chosen emissary, and spread word of the coming reckoning. For though the path may be fraught with peril, know that you carry the hope of a world yet unbroken within your soul. And when the time comes, stand steadfast and know that your actions will herald the dawn of a new era, forged in the crucible of my fury."

With those words, the vision faded, leaving the servant alone in the sanctuary, heart afire with purpose and destiny."


Amalu opened his eyes although he could not see.

"Thy Will Be Done..." Came his whisper.

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