Two Prophets

Desdem - Sand Horde
JP with Omni and Cindy

The evening went well, to which Islana was glad. It was nice that, despite their extended stay, the Horde hadn't completely worn out their welcome.

Sister Locust had been spoken to by most of the people there, individually, and she hadn't gotten a chance to speak to the Shaman individually, but had eyed him on more than one occasion.

When he lingered after others had left, it wasn't surprising. Islana made her way from her advisors towards the boy, though upon approaching him, an overwhelming sense of someone much older than his years fell on her. Islana had to wonder if others felt that when approaching her.

"Berus, I have been looking forward to meeting you, in person" Sister Locust began, "Our last meeting was rather short." Giving him a knowing smile.

His eyes, like ancient pools of wisdom in a youthful face, met hers and the smile he returned was gentle yet profound, echoing Islana's, a mirror of mutual recognition and respect.

The very air around them seemed to grow still, as if time had stopped to acknowledge the strangeness of two prophets meeting, a convergence of past, present, and future, embodied in two individuals.

"Indeed, Sister Locust," Berus replied, his voice carrying a serene confidence. "Our spirits have danced in the realm of vision, but the physical world grants a different pleasure. Not often do we see the events in the ether come to pass, nor with our own eyes."

"That is all too true," the Sister agreed. She had so much she wanted to ask him, so much she wondered about.

Feeling eyes on them, before confirming it was her trusted advisors who were watching the exchange between the two with much interest. Islana excused herself for a moment, she bid a goodnight to her advisors and then returned to Berus.

"Forgive me, but I would like our conversation to be just between the two of us." Islana said to the boy Shaman. The Sister trusted her advisors but they would never understand her completely or the conversation she wanted to have.

He nodded in understanding, “As you wish.”

The boy waited patiently as the advisors excused themselves.

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