Speak of Ch’Truta's Home

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Aguzul certainly made sense to Ch’Truta. He had walked the horse many times to seek any threats to Islana. The last of these was Silina, who was not a threat to Islana due to her loyalty to the Twins.

“What do you anticipate to be the greatest needs,” Ch’Truta probed. “Do you believe we will be able to provide these?” The Horde was great and resources may be limited.

"We will do what we can," Aguzul began walking towards the back of the camp. It would take a while to make there so after a few minutes of silence between the two men, he spoke up again. "I have been told that life in the swamp, where you call home, is very tough. Perhaps as much or more than going through the sands alone." Comparing Ch'Truta's journey to what The pilgrimage to become the Sister entails, at least partially. "Is the swamp as difficult as is told?"

Ch’Truta was surprised of the man’s interest in his home. Most outsiders didn’t care about the swamplands, never venturing toward them. Most moved toward the coastal areas or the lands of fertile soils.

“The great swamp is a deadly place,” Ch’Truta explained. “The people of our broods face death every day. If not from nature or each other, from our god Uctilo’rhu.”

"And what else can you tell me of your God, Uctilo’rhu?" Aguzul seemed to know how to pronounce the name of the God. He seemed inquisitive not judgmental.

Some members of the Horde seemed to stop what they were doing and watch the two men walk by. Going back to work once they passed.

Ch’Truta recalled the lore of Uctilo’rhu. “Long ago, the Still Valley was very fertile. Then Uctilo’rhu fell from the sky in flames. Most considered that he died. However, Uctilo’rhu survived. While the valley died, he thrived. He appears as a great heron, a panther, a bear, in the night, searching for one whom he may devour. So, we offer sacrifices to him from those enemies we have captured.”

"I see." It did sound more brutal than worshipping the Twins. "And your God does he grant his believers magik or gifts for such acts?" Once again, pure curiosity not judgment from Aguzul.

Ch’Truta’s overall mood became dark discussing the ways of the swamp. He was still in the dark with the spirits, not having communicated with them since running out of his supplies from home.

“The swamp spirits, who are connected with Uctilo’rhu through their death,” Ch’Truta continued, “have passed down the ways to communicate with them. I had been chosen to receive this guidance through ingesting certain items from the swamp. They led me here. To Sister Locust.”

He sighed. “I have run out of those items. The spirits have ceased communicating with me. I tried with items from the desert, but it did not work.”

"You are far from them." Aguzul noted. "It is not often the Gods of Arcadia like each other encroaching on one other's territories. That could also be part of the reason. I do not know of any of the gifted Ozainae having such abilities, and we do not use anything to communicate with The Twins. The place we are headed the Odsier are quite familiar with. They might know of something that grants visions. However, their magik also does not work like that, from what I understand but it might be worth it to ask."

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