Are You Prepared?

Ch’Truta nodded in gratefulness, as he walked along next to Aguzul. “Thank you!” Ch’Truta calmly stated.

The twins spoke directly to Islana, showing her direction. He was the one for his brood.he had left the brood in good hands, showing G’harula what to do. He was young, but a good disciple.

“I know I was sent to serve Sister Locust,” Ch’Truta declared. “To assist her in driving these people back across the sea. After that, I know not.”

Aguzul nodded, a non-verbal your welcome.

"I believe you were sent here, as well. You and Sister Locust seem to have a, shall we say, connection. I believe you want what is best." Aguzul looked around to make sure they weren't being overheard. "Sister Locust seems rather fond of you." In his manner, Aguzul was hinting that he knew about the growing relationship between The Sister and Ch'Truta.

Ch’Truta’s eyes widened at the change in the conversation. He had thought they had done a good job at not being obvious concerning their feelings for each other. Had he failed her in this?

“The truth is,” Ch’Truta quietly confessed to Aguzul, “and this stays between us, for I want nothing to harm Sister Locust’s reputation, but I am fond of Islana as well. We are fond of each other. I had thought we were being covert, but it must be noticeable. We have talked and grown close. It is her wish the people not know. I honor her wishes.”

"You both have been covert enough. I believe only myself and Amastan have figured it out." Not surprising considering how much time those advisors spent with the Sister. "Izdärasen either does not know or does not care to know."

The water bearer lifted his hand to indicate the Horde. "These people have had a great deal of adjustments in the past few seasons. They are slowly coming to accept the Sister Locust, a person of a land foreign to them, as her rightful mantle. Some have done this quicker than others, some might never get to that place." Aguzul paused. "It is certainly not unheard of that a Sister take a companion. And I do not question who Sister Locust favors but even if we get to a place where you two can be open about your feelings. Where you can show the Ozainae with little repercussions, slight as that might be, her life will always be the Ozainae first. It can be no other way, she is their ruler. Are you truly prepared for that? Are you prepared for the reality that you and she might never be able to be open, for her safety. Are you truly willing to possibly give up any connections you have to your spirits forever?" Aguzul proceeded walking. "I do believe you make the Sister happy but happiness can blind even the wisest of us sometimes."

Ch’Truta took Aguzul’s words seriously. He thought them over, chewed them up in his mind. Ch’Truta acknowledged his thoughts and wisdom.

“I love her, Aguzul,” Ch’Truta voiced. “I am willing to do what is best to serve her, to allow for her success. If that be to serve her god, then so be it.” It was like asking one to leave death for life to Ch’Truta.

Aguzul smiled at Ch’Truta's words but there was still concern etched on his face. Sister Locust, Islana, was quite different than the last Sister. To be expected to some degree but while the man appreciated that she ruled with a gentle but firmly guiding hand, that she seemed to truly care about the Ozainae as she truly was of them, and that she possesed a different but impressive power, the power over animals. There were some things the young leader did that concerned and, quite frankly, baffled Aguzul. Taking anyone not Ozainae as her companion when she was already in danger was way up there on that list.

Ch'Truta was a good man from what Aguzul had seen. He knew the feelings between the two were genuine. Still they had many struggles to still walk through."So, be it then. I would wish you both luck." There wasn't more to say on the issue. "We have reached the back of the Horde, shall we start on the task?"

Ch’Truta was surprised that Aguzul accepted his relationship with Islana. If all the Horde would be as accepting, Ch’Truta would have nothing of which to worry.

He understood the risk. Both Islana and he were not Ozainae. Yet, she was chosen by their gods to lead them. And he loved her.

“Yes Aguzul,” Ch’Truta declared, “let us begin.

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