Jp between Lorem and Bandorchu

Gonyaul went on to describe the experience he had in the dark as they walked back;, the intricate structure of the glowing plants, his theory on how they glowed and the contrast in the air quality by the waterfall. While he did keep his volume to a whisper, he was full of passion. Strange how everyone else was either cautiously on edge or growing increasingly erratic, yet Gonyaul was at ease and moving about like he owned the place.

When they arrived back into view of their makeshift camp, he paused dumbfounded. The other members of their group were gone. Their things were gone as well. The treasures they found were also gone. Yet his and Alexis’s gear was still untouched.

This made no sense. If they were overrun, wouldn’t all their things be taken. Did they just leave them? Why? Or were they in trouble?

Gonyaul looked up to Alexis as if she would have the answers. “Where Voah and Tarmen?”

Then silently he looked out into the darkness and thought a second time, ~Voah?~

“That’s the freaking question, isn’t it?”
Alexis growled, frustrated.

“What in Orestes’ name is wrong with them?!”

Well this damnahd mission had gone to ifrinn in a hand basket.

“Fantastic. So what now?”
The mercenary sighed, beginning to pack up.

Gonyaul also began packing up. She was absolutely right. It felt like Alexis and he were the only ones that were behaving normal.

“Do you think we can continue with just us two? May find them in process?”

Once they were both packed, Gonyaul volunteered to carry all her things.

“I must carry. You only offense and defense now.” He urged her to agree.

Alexis regarded Gonyaul for a moment, then took her father’s dagger from her belt and held it out to him.

“Here. I know you’re probably not going to use it, but I’ll feel better knowing you at least have the option.”

She smiled a little.
“Take good care of it. It’s a memento of sorts.”

She took a moment to consider the situation. Best case, they just went off in a huff or whatever it was that crawled up their behinds, and returned to the exit. But if Voah really thought there was dark magik at work, she was likely stalking the tunnels right now.

“Yeah. Let’s move on. You feeling lucky? Pick a tunnel.”

She did let him carry some of her more unwieldy equipment.
As much as she wanted to hurry, Alexis resolved to keep on marking their path and mapping. Without Tarmen, there was no fail save, so she needed to be even more thorough.

Gonyaul refrained from taking such a precious item from her. The probability of him losing it, or damaging it was too high. He would feel awful if that were to happen. He held up both fists.

“I am enough for option.” He said confidently.

“Let look at entire room first then pick?”He was not sure if he had even seen all possible exits.

“‘Course you are.”
Alexis chuckled. Gonyaul was far from helpless, she knew as much.

“Alright. Let’s take a round through the room.”

Alexis held out her torch to illuminate their path as best she could, looking for more exits that might have escaped their attention before.

“Did Voah say anything to you that could explain this mess? Seems like the two of you have become quite, well, close so to speak.”

Gonyaul followed closely. He walked with a little bit of a grapevine step so he had a side view of what was behind them and out from the wall.

“No. Shock me. I feel she mad at me. Not know why and think I must do something to cause?”

“You see me do something wrong?” He inquired humbly.

The mercenary shook her head.

“No. Not at all. I’ve been wondering, too, if I did something to warrant all that suspicion, but I’m coming up blank.”

Gonyaul nodded in affirmation. It put him more at ease to have validation from someone he trusted that he had not openly transgressed in his behavior. “I not see you do anything wrong.”

“You know them long. They do this before?”

“They really didn’t. Things on Sentinel Island were freaking tense as well, but neither of them acted like this. And nothing has even happened to us here, yet, eerie as this place is.”

“Tis a puzzlement.” He whispered. It was clear on his face that he was worried about her.

Alexis was right, nothing had happened. This was part of the reason Gonyaul had been moving about so freely. He wasn’t feeling any sort of ominous threat. It was just dark and empty so far with very interesting things every now and then.
Gonyaul was silent for a spell as they continued exploring. Then he inquired, “what you think of Voah?”

“Right now or in general?”
Alexis snorted.

“Don’t answer that, I know what you mean. Voah is… a very driven and passionate person, I think. Faithful to her duty as an Arbiter. But… she is also much kinder than I’d expect a member of the inquisition to be. I think there is a very sweet and sometimes lonely woman hiding under all the fanfare.”

She remembered her coming with her to try and safe Till despite that being a suicide mission in its own rights. Coming to their aid during the night of the ritual. She also remembered seeing her standing alone, releasing Cambena’s ward, and the joy on her face during the impromptu natal day festivities.

Gonyaul absorbed her assessment. Inwardly he was thinking, ~she is great.~

“Thank you for share.” He smiled.

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