long nights

Nya shook her head and pushed passed him to run out the door tears rolling down her face. that was it. the end of her career. she knew. when she got to her. she laid down to cry for a while but then decided to find Amir and get his advice. he would know what to do or at the very least he would ake her feel better. she didnt even bother to clean her self up just headed out. he wasnt in his dorm so she thought maybe he wnt out with their friends or somthing and decided to go looking.


Karen smiled like a cat and moved her body against him in much of the same way. it was a good night he was def taking her mind off Ryan. tuning to face him she wrapped his arms around his neck, and it didn't take long before they were kissing and making out on the dance floor. she loved it her head was clear well like her mother always said the best way to get over a guy is to get under another one. as she pulled away with a smile, she happened to look behind him. there in the doorway was the little mousey girl she thought might be his girlfriend from the way she was looking at them. a small giggle escaped her, and she covered her mouth unable to keep a straight face. this was to funny and now Ryan would defiantly hear about it and get a taste of his own medicine. " Um... I think we have company." she giggled to Amir

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