Ryan looked down at the boy from the other night "oh hey chase." most people would think that a guy like Ryan would remember the names of people who mattered so little to him but that's not true. people tend to want to help you and do what you want more often if they feel special and important. in order to make them feel that way you have to remember things about them the bare minimum of which being their names. " Yeah, an i super stoked, can't wait! so, i guess that means you are for sure coming then hu?" he asked draping an arm around the smaller guy's shoulders as they walked and talked. like he had known him for years like old friends. see? special. important. Ryan almost laughed to his self.


Sydney slid quietly into one of the abandoned classrooms and looked around it was full of old music sheets and stands. chairs and empty instrument cases. in the back of the room, he stood leaning on the edge of an old desk. she smiled and walked slowly to him " I thought we agreed to wait." she teased. he looked pained, a man burring from the inside out as he reached for her. like maybe his internal struggle might be his undoing. "I couldn't wait anymore." he said pulling her to him. she was like a spot of sunlight in Vanders dark world. she was warm and bright, and he knew she would burn him if he got to close but had had to. like Icarus, he had to feel her warmth even if it meant he would crash into the sea.
their lips met and the rest of the world melted away. Sydney melted into him. his stone arms holding her tight against him. it felt safe and comforting and strongly like a memory. someone else had held her like this. safely. she pushed that thought away and ran her hands up under his shirt. before long they were lost in the pulling and tugging of clothes and body's as he took her against the desk. they were trying to be quiet but not really. this wing was abandoned who would see them?

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