long nights 2

he was just leaving? nothing? no explanation no nothing? she felt the tears again hot and stinging as they slid down her face. her chest hurt and she couldn't breathe. she couldn't take this. not his walking away not the way the girl kept looking at her and giggling not her teacher nothing. she didn't follow him, instead she left the way she had come and dug in her pocket, fumbling with her phone she called her sister babble something incoherent and hung up. by the time she got her dorm Nadira was there. she fell into her arms and the slid to the floor outside Infront of her door. her sister rocked her and stroked her hair as Nya let it all out.
Nadira whispered sweet nothings and held her sister tight. her own heart was breaking. Nya was always so happy and positive. that seeing her completely broke down like this was heart wrenching. it filled Nadira with a rage she didn't know she could feel. she finally got her off the floor and into the bed where she held her for the rest of the night till she finally cried herself to sleep.


Karen didn't bother to case him. he wasn't going to ruin her night. instead, she just found someone else to dance with and eventually go home with. she had gotten what she wanted anyway. a good time a distraction and a thorn in Ryans side.

smiled at chase. oh yeah, this is easy. he though as he answered, " yeah I think everyone is coming." he said with a smile. "Stick with me and you will have plenty of chances to meet people and I'll make sure u get in with all the right crowds if you want." his mind went to the blond girl chase had been with. the whole reason for this friendship. " You bringing anyone?" he asked chase.


she stood with her back to him as she slid her shirt back over her head. she was beautiful he had forgotten just how much so. he had thought when they fell off that he would never see her again. but it was like fate. he felt the dark coming back already though as he thought of all the way this could go wrong. by the time Sydney turned around Vander was scowling. she smiled teasingly at him " wow did i not do a good job?" she asked stepping close to him going up on her toes to kiss his chin. he lightly placed his hands on her hips " you know better...it's just this can't happen again." but even as he said it they both knew he was lying. "Ok so then it won't" she lied with him. she gathered her clothes and stepped kissed his cheeck before leaving to go back to her dorm.
he watched her go and shook his head. this was going to be the end of them both he was sure, it wasn't a question of if things would hit the fan just when and how bad.

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