wine and more pt2

Rhonda looked around. she was used to money and wealth and people living lavish what was Strang to her was that frank lived this way. she still couldn't wrap her head around it or the fact he had been right under her nose this whole time. she smiled and pointed to the red "i always a red girl." she said. he poured them a glass and she sipped swirled it in her glass before taking a sip. "mm mhm" she said and looked at the glass then back to him. "that's very nice. This place it lovely by the way." she said .
it was hard for her to let her guard down and she was still looking for the catch. her eyes roamed over his face looking for the trap, the false note in his eyes that said this was all a sham or that he was maybe a lunatic. maybe this was the gimmick. maybe he prayed on strong Wamon just to see if he could get in their pants. she smiled smoothly when she though he might have noticed her staring.

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