Watching and trying to figure things out

Chase sat under a tree. The breeze was cool and he liked that. He also liked the shade as it made him stand out less - something he was all to keen to avoid. Life had been rough. He'd never felt truly comfortable in his own skin. But it wasn't racism - being Asian in America wasn't easy. If he was asked one more time if his family owned a Chinese Take-out place he'd punch the next person that asked him. It went deeper than that. It was about who he was. He was a he... at least he thought and felt so. But to his parents, they had raised a baby girl to become a proud and strong woman - someone who would lead and raise a family and produce grandchildren.

But that wasn't Chase... that wasn't even his birth name. He wouldn't ever repeat it until his parents acknowledged who he WAS. So he'd chosen a new one. Started a new life.... as far away as he could from them.

Sitting peacefully under that tree he watched the busy little ants scurry about - off to the dorms, making friends...

He saw a pair of girls chatting and then a young man came up to them. So torn as how to feel... something within him yearned to feel something toward someone. But would someone feel that way about him because of who he had been?

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