Handsome stranger.

The girls looked up and Nya almost choked, she was lost for words he was so handsome. Lucky Nadira had no such problem. She took the peace of paper he held out with a smile and nodded " oh yeah that's the same hall as ours just down and on the other side." She said handing it back to him. She turned to Nya " I'm finished up for the day and need to clean up anyway. We could walk him. " It was then that she saw the guy sitting by the tree staring she squinted to make sure he was then offered a smile and a small wave.
Nyas hand went to her mouth and she nodded as she lightly nibbled her nail. Not hard enough to pull it off just a little. A habit she had when she got nervous. " That's fine." The girls stood and Nadira introduced them. " And you are?" She asked the guy as they walked twords the dorms.

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