Contemplating the Future of a Nation

Mukwooru Pocowatchit sat at his desk late at night. He smoked a cigar and was having a bourbon on ice. He only drank late at night or when he was attempting to plan something.

He had been in a verbal war with the Kings in what seemed like forever. Now, he saw himself attempting to form an alliance with the family. He had prayed for the great spirit to grant the Comanche nation to gain its land back. Now he realized that all along, he should have been praying for the Comanche nation to gain its people back.

He slowly sipped the bourbon, knowing Pahayoko was the key. If the younger generation were going to listen to anyone, it would be him. That’s why the Chief wanted Pahayoko as the ambassador between the Comanche and the Kings. He would also give his grandson the charge of ensuring the men be trained to defend their territory as well as the Kings’.

Mukwooru had much amends to make. Inwardly he admired Amelia King. Most women would have given up and sold the ranch. Not Amelia. She fought hard to keep the ranch going after the passing of her husband, with whom the Chief had often argued about boundaries. She was one tough lady. She knew what she wanted and how to get it done. The last thing he had done was to order a flower arrangement for Amelia King. The card attached offered A Peace Offering!

Silently, the Chief puffed the last of his cigar. He snubbed out the stub, downed the remainder of his drink, then went to bed. He slept in peace, knowing he was receiving wisdom from the Great Spirit.

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