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Summary: A cruel sadistic Sith Apprentice who lives for the hunt

Darth Eve

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Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Sith apprentice


Unknown: raised by Sith Lord aka Darth Lugar as a young orphan youngling.


Sith trained: Melee combat, Darkside of the force, technician, stealth, tracking and torture.


Sith Apprentice to the late Darth Lugar

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'10"
Build: Skinny yet muscular. Revealing cleavage and body tattoes
Skin: White
Hair: Long blonde
Eyes: Yellow
Wears skimpy black outfit and carries a double bladed red light saber

Personality and interests

She is a cruel and sadistic woman who toys with her prey before killing them. She is strong in the force, but enjoys the thrill of the hunt more than the actual killing. Oddly enough she seems to prefer opponents she can't defeat of catch since it adds to the thrill of the chase.


Found in a remote system by Sith Lord Darth Lugar she was raised in a cruel manner and trained to be a Sith Apprentice. Oddly she lacked the desire to become a Sith Lord and her Master was killed while on a mission. She got bored and decided to wander the universe to entertain herself and prefers to hunt worthy prey for sport. She is not hung up on power or politics so she doesn't take sides on the war. However she was defeated by Talerian Maxx once and has been obsessed with him ever since. After a long search she was able to find out where he is again and decided to pay him a visit.

Favourite Sayings

Hello Darling......miss me? I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.
Well, well. What a glittering assemblage.
I was so lost in hatred and revenge. You stole what was left of my heart my dear Tal.

Favourite food

Hearts of her victims roasted over a fire.

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Image of Darth Eve
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