Tainted Love

Once Eve was done tormenting the dead pirates she searched them for anything useful before tossing their bodies into the disabled shuttle she was using earlier. Then she searched the ship and killed the few pirates hiding from her. Once she had the pirate ship secured she separated it from the shuttle and by chance she found a shower in the Captain's room. After a sensual shower she cleansed the blood and grime from her body to reveal a very beautiful woman who smiled with a psychotic purpose. Since her cloths were still drying she put on a clean black robe and walked to the pilots chair. She scrolled through the console for anything useful and then by chance she saw signs of Mandalorians being spotted in the Hutt territories. Seeing as there was multiple sightings of Mandos, Eve decided to check them out till she found the one she was looking for. It didn't bother her to be wearing only a black robe since she had no shame and was alone anyway. Using the force she pulled a beverage from table across the room and popped it open before she took a swig from it. Realizing it was booze she made a shaky face and recovered as she felt it was strong. She chuckled and drank it again as she set course for the Hutt territory.

Onboard her stolen ship, Eve searched the maps on the ships computer hoping to find any traces of the mando she wanted to find. A wild glaze was in her eyes as she read the files on the screens. She only paused to drink her booze now and then as she seemed anxious in her search. As she was tapping at her screen and drinking her bottle of booze a pirate quietly snuck out of an air duct and made his best attempt to sneak up to Eve from behind. He didn't want to damage the controls so he wanted to get a good close shot as he slowly pulled out his blaster as he looked down to make sure not to make any noise. Then his crotch began to hurt and the pain surged thorough out his whole body. He looked up to realize Darth Eve was turned around and looking at him while making a fist slowly. She had a wicked grin on her face as he hand closed tighter.

The pirate dropped his blaster as he grabbed his crotch in pain and began to drool spit and blood at the same time. Then Eve stood up and lifter her fist up and the pirate began to lift up by his crotch as he muttered in pain.

Eve: Is that all you got? Pity......pity.....little man.

Eve then clenched her fist and twisted it fast to make the pirate grunt before he died floating in the air. Eve smirked as she released him and let him fall to the ground with a thud. She then checked him over and found some credits and fake IDs. She smirked as she took them and looked through them over before returning to her chair and searched through the files again. Eventually she smiled like a spoiled princess as she found a clue. She make a course change and headed for Mos Espa to see if her mando was there.


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