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Summary: A lone Mandalorian learning how big the universe is

Talerian Maxx

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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Military personnel


Mandalorian: foundling by the Children of the Watch


Mercenary/Bounty Hunter: Uses special weapons for combat. Trained in combat with, piloting, tracking, minor tech work, hand to hand, melee, fire arms, espionage, jetpack flight, sniping and demolition.

Force Sensitive: He was not picked up by the Jedi but has noticed his intuition seems to be very good. This has helped him survive insane situations despite the odds.

Blue Banshee
Has a ship: Modified YT-1760 small transport Corellian Engineering Corp

The YT-1760 Small Transport was a transport manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation. It was designed to overcome various issues in older YT-series models such as lack of sufficient power in sublight engines, poor maneuverability, and slow hyperdrive speed. Upgrades in the design to these areas, however, came at the cost of a less sturdy design resulting in higher maintenance costs, as well as less durability and smaller cargo capacity. Talerian had the ship modified to overcome the flaws in the design.

The YT-1760 Small Transport was 26.5 meters in length and was manned by a crew of two, though one could also effectively pilot the starship. It had room for eight passengers, a cargo capacity of 10 metric tons, consumables for two months and could reach speeds of 990 kilometers per hour. It was equipped with a navigation computer, a class 1 primary hyperdrive with a class 15 backup hyperdrive, sublight engines, and a deflector shield generator. Although the stock YT-1760 Small Transport was not armed, Corellian Engineering Corporation added a laser cannon after customer complaints, and two turret mounts similar to those on a YT-1300 light freighter could easily accommodate larger commercial laser cannons. A new YT-1760 was priced at 80,000 credits, while used ones were priced at 20,000.

Despite its various shortcomings, like all YT-series models, the YT-1760 had its own niche of enthusiasts who favored the starship for its central cockpit that allowed for greater visibility, and that it was an exceptionally maneuverable transport. The YT-1760 is also highly modifiable, with longtime owners being aware of the most economic upgrades. One common upgrade was the conversion of some of the small cargo space to install more powerful shield generators, which increased the YT-1760's survivability.


Mandalorian: foundling by the Children of the Watch
Mercenary/Bounty Hunter

Physical Appearance

He keeps his face hidden under his blue helmet. However his armor seems to be painted over due to his crazy missions.

Blue Mandalorian armor, known as beskar'gam in Mando'a, referred to the traditional armor worn by the warrior clans of the planet Mandalore. Common traits included a helmet with a T-shaped visor that concealed their faces, and armaments like whipcord throwers, flamethrowers, and jetpacks. He has two Beskar'gam kukri long knives for close quarter combat. The kukri or khukuri is a type of short sword with a distinct recurve in its blade. It serves multiple purposes as a melee weapon and also as a regular cutting tool

Personality and interests

Talerian is a not much of a social person. He was raised as a foundling by the Children of the Watch so his people skills are limited. He is not one to be disrespectful to others even if he intends to kill them. He lives by the culture of the Watch saying "This is the way" and keeping his helmet on at all times even when he sleeps and eats.


Talerian Maxx was a human male Mandalorian warrior during the era of the New Republic. He became orphaned during the Galactic Republic war, and was raised as a foundling by the Children of the Watch, an orthodox cult that had broken off from mainstream Mandalorian society. Talerian was unaware of this and believed that all Mandalorians followed the Children of the Watch's beliefs. He was trained to become a Mandalorian warrior and eventually joined the Tribe, which operated in a secret location. Talerian became battle-hardened, a man of few words, and a formidable hunter in an increasingly dangerous galaxy.
Since he left to seek out work to bring any Beskar'gam to the Mandalorian Smith for the others. He got lucky in his twenties and scored a large haul of Beskar'gam to earn his own suit and special weapons.
The Mandalorians were a clan-based cultural group that was composed of members from multiple species all bound by a common creed, language and code, and played a particularly important role in galactic history as legendary warriors with a fearsome reputation as conquerors as well as mercenaries and bounty hunters.

During the Clone Wars, members of the warrior culture would align themselves with both sides of the conflict, which was secretly orchestrated by the Sith Order, who hired the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett to become the clone template for the Grand Army of the Republic, with Fett's clones being trained by the Mandalorian Protectors, while the Death Watch briefly joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, in hopes of reclaiming Mandalore. Under the New Mandalorian government, Mandalore remained neutral and participated in the Council of Neutral Systems as a leading member. However thanks to being backed up by the criminal conglomerate known as the Shadow Collective, Death Watch was able to topple the ruling New Mandalorian regime, but the machinations of Maul, leader of the Collective, led to another civil war among the Death Watch, which split into the Collective-backed Mandalorian super commandos, and the Mandalore resistance, which was supported by the Republic. However, the conflict culminated in the occupation of Mandalore by the Galactic Republic and its subsequent government, the Galactic Empire, while Concord Dawn, the Protectors' headquarters, was transformed into a protectorate.

The Children of the Watch were an orthodox religion of Mandalorians who followed the Way of the Mandalore. According to Lady Bo-Katan Kryze, the Children of the Watch were religious zealots seeking to reestablish the Way, as the ancient faith had fallen out of favor with mainstream Mandalorian society. Because the Children of the Watch were cloistered on Concordia, they survived the Great Purge of Mandalore.

The Tribe were members of the Children of the Watch, but at least one of its members, Din Djarin, was unaware that there was anything unusual about their beliefs and practices. Instead, Djarin believed that all Mandalorians were like them until he met Bo-Katan Kryze and her Mandalorian warriors, Axe Woves and Koska Reeves, who were members of the more mainstream Mandalorian society when compared to the Children of the Watch.

Favourite Sayings

This is the way
I don't accept Imperial credits

Favourite food

Simple foods to survive

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