Shuttle To A Rescue

JP with Redsword, Lily, Jaxx and Cindy

The Dark Angle came out of lightspeed near the Outer Rim in a part of space seldom traveled. The Dark Angle seems just to hold their position. The Eternity could be seen from the bridge of the Dark Angle.

Kal-Nar looked over the display when the admiral announced "all clear, there were no other ships within range." Kal-Nar looks over to the padawan with a smile, "Let's go padawan the ride is here." Informed Kal-Nar.

The Jedi walk to Commander Conner "Commander you're in charge until I get back." Kal-Nar was about to walk off the bridge and then stopped. "who did you pick to go with us?" asked Kal-Nar looking at Commander Conner.

Conner gave a grin "Captain Blue, one of my best. He is already on site" Conner answered.

When everyone was ready they boarded the shuttle and left the Dark Angle. As they got close to The Eternity received a signal "Shuttle 6 to The Eternity we have cargo to transfer we are on approach to your ship, respond."

"Well, Clive it looks like we're up," Bri said to her drone, before sending a response. "Eternity here. All clear for the transfer."

"Roger, stand by docking now. " The shuttle replied. There was the familiar metal hollow sound as the Shuttle docked. A moment later a hissing sound as the docking rings pressurized. The airlock lights signaled green for a good lock and the Shuttle door opened.

The Cathar had a fur-covered body with a thick mane; you can see his retractable claws at times and elongated canine teeth. His distinctly leonine features. He cannot be mistaken for anything else. He is a Cathar. Kal-Nar dark brown thick fur covers his body, chin hair is longer appearing like a beard. He has his coat braided here and there. His eyes are light blue with black slits in them. His is a muscular, large bone structure with strong Cathar facial fetchers. Dressed in Jedi robes with a utility belt carrying a bag stepped threw the door.

"Greetings, I am Master Kal-Nar," He said with a slight hiss in his accent. Kal-Nar stepped to one side, "This is Astra Deciphen My Padawan learner." He said introducing them. "I have this for you. Some of the payments I owe you.'' It was a good side lock box heavy. There is no doubt what was in it, credits.

Astra simply watched the exchange, quietly.

"Welcome aboard, both of you." Bri took the box, not bothering to open it at the moment. "Thanks. Come I'll show you where you can sit while we take off."

The woman did just that, showing the two to two seats at a table in a kitchen like area. Bri's own thoughts were that maybe she should start asking who she's picking up. Not necessarily a problem with Jedi, more that sometimes having them on board could draw trouble to her. Still, what is life without a little (or a lot) of trouble every now and then?

"You are both welcome to sit in here or come with me to the cockpit," She needed to get back to the task at hand, a tour could wait.

They were barely underway when another transmission came though. "This is the Eternity, go ahead." Bri transmitted back

Captain Blue was a bit surprised to see someone else receiving the message so he continued to follow protocol. He replied, "This is Captain Blue. I have an urgent message for Kal-Nar. Is he on your ship?" Captain Blue wanted to make sure he was talking to the right crew before he divulged any confidential information. He deliberately kept Talerian out of view of the camera.

"Yes, he's here." Bri was a civilian, always a civilian and not much for protocol. "Hold. I'll get him." The woman then turned to her droid. "Clive, go tell our guests that Kal-Nar has a call."

Clive made his way out of the cockpit and arrived at the kitchen area only moments later. Through a series of beeps Clive let Kal-Nar know about the transmission awaiting in the cockpit.

Captain Blue felt a bit relieved that he would soon be talking to his CO. This meant that he was looking at the additional team members that Kal-Nar was trying to acquire. If all worked out well they would soon be rescuing the hacker that was captured by the Hutts before the Separatists arrived.

Kal-Nar sees the droid. the R2 unit older model but in good shape. "I see, well show me the way," said Kal-Nar, in a friendly tone. following the Droid walking through a corridor into the cockpit he gave Bri a smile walking in "Bri, this droid says you have a message for me?" asked Kal-Nar. Seeing Captain Blue holo on the communication dash. Kal-Nar knew why he was called "Thank you Bri for your help." commented Kal-Nar. "Captain Blue, have you arrived and made contact with Maxx?" asked Kal-Nar.

Captain Blue nodded with a smirk as he replied, "Yes sir. We have already arrived at Mos Espa. We are awaiting further orders at this point." Then Blue turned the camera to show the Mandalorian named Talerian Maxx sitting in the pilot's chair. Maxx gave Lal-Nar a slight wave and nod to show he was listening. Then Captain Blue spoke again, "So what will you have us do till you arrive sir?"

"Find out where Anna Arky is being held and if anyone else is looking around for her. We will be there in a few hours." The Jedi General replied with a nod. Kal-Nar looked over the flight controls this ship was in good shape He made a few mental notes. "Captain make sure you stay out of sight," warned Kal-Nar.

Captain Blue nodded as he replied, "Understood sir." Then Blue looked at Maxx as he asked, "You up for this?"

Maxx nodded as he replied, "Yes. Let's get to work."

Then Blue ended the transmission and then put his robe back on as he needed to hide his clone armor while Maxx prepped his gear as well. Then Maxx grabbed three drones and turned them on before he linked them to his arm computer. Then he dropped them in a hatch and opened the outside door so they could leave the ship without being seen. Then they crawled like small spiders to the top of the ship before they hovered away to scan the area. Maxx then turned on the ship's scanners and video screen so they could see the cameras of the drones. It was only a matter of time before they found the location of Anna Arky.

Bri listened to the exchange between Kal-Nar and Captain Blue, so they were going to rescue someone named Anna Arky. That's the way it sounded, anyway. Must be a pretty important somebody, was all the pilot could think. It would take a few hours at a steady course to get to their destination and for the moment Bri wasn't needed in the cockpit. She turned to Kal-Nar. "Would you and Astra like a tour of the ship?" The woman had a feeling this might not be just a simple drop-off.

Kal-Nar gave a slight bow "I would be honored. It would be good for my Padawan as well." Replied Kal-Nar politely. Bri's hair was dyed a deep shade of red with purple streaks.
Her blue eyes were beautiful. She had an appealing body and her clothing were normal for her type of job. Attractive for a Humanoid. "I will follow you," said Kal-Nar. He could sense Bri was free spirited; this would put him at some ease.

Bri led Kal-Nar back to the kitchen area and upon seeing Astra spoke. "We're going to give you both a tour." By we she meant herself and the droid who had followed them. Bri first started by motioning towards the R2. "This is Clive." That was it for formality. "So, should we get started on that tour?"

"Sounds like fun to me," Aurora said with a sweet smile. As she wanted for the tour to start.

"Follow me," Bri responded. The Corellian XS-Light Freighter was almost circular in shape, they started going by going right. She pointed out the cargo hold. Then said, "Next we have what would be the crew quarters, if I had a crew beyond Clive. I instead use them for longer staying guests. You're both welcome to each take a room, if for any reason you need one." Engine room, med bay, docking bay. "Here's the lounge. While a guest on my ship you have free access to the lounge, along with the galley. I don't like formalities with such things." Then came the cockpit, Captain's quarters and back to the galley. She showed them the way through the center to get each part without having to walk the corridors. The tour took a while and when it was done Bri said. "Make yourselves comfortable. We have about two hours before we land."

Going back to the lounge Kal-Nar motioned for his Padawan to follow. "We will leave Bri to her duties," he said as they walked through the lounge to the seats. Kal-Nar motioned for the padawan to sit. "I think it is time to judge your strength in the force," said Kal-Nar. "Let us meditate on the Force. We have two hours, let us put it to use." Kal-Nar told his Patawan.

Aurora grinned " I'm going to whoop your butt master," She said playfully. She settled on the floor and focused on the force. Within moments she was floating and tried to pull Kal-Nar to her.

As the force could be felt in the room Kal-Nar could feel the pull from Aurora. The feel of the force got stronger as the struggle between them went on. She was doing a great job at pulling Kal-Nar, but he was not really struggling. He just smiled; it seemed his weight had doubled maybe tripled. Aurora could feel something was wrong but could not figure it out." Then Kal-Nat spoke, his tone calm and quiet.

"I know you feel it Padawan. You must know what it is and how it is affecting you. Ask the force, reach out, it will answer you." Commented Kal-Nar.

"You're cheating master," She said with a grin after a few moments. She took a deep breath "You're using the furniture as an anchor." She added

"Cheating? Is there such a thing in a battle?" Kal-Nar started with a question and a grin. "In the temple everyone has honor. out here the droids do not know of honor. There is no cheating in battle. All I did was outthink and outmaneuver you. That's why I sat here so I could use the furniture." Kal-Nar explained. Aurora could feel more pressure like being crushed from above. "Now, what is the strongest weapon you carry, Patawan?" He asked Aurora.

" My mind," She said, then tried to force him up towards the ceiling of the room while grabbing ahold of the ceiling to stop him from forcing her to the ground.

Astra's eyes went distant she fell to the ground. The force seemed to swirl around her. She was the strange man working on a Droid then being attacked by a twileck with a red lightsaber.

" Look you behind you," she yelled. Like that she was staring back at her master. The look on her face, one of confusion and panic.

" Master... I saw something, I was not trying to," She muttered.

He was now on the floor sitting. No real expression on his face. "Padawan, you let your mind wander a bit too much. Your attention should have been here and now. If you were in combat you would most likely be dead right now." Astra's Master warned her. "Your gift can be a distraction."

Kal-Nar breathed deeply and was quiet, his eyes closed and an expression of concentration covered his face. "When dealing with the Dark side of the force, clouding can be your sight and judgment. Be mindful of that, Padawan, as it is for me now." explained Kal-nar.

"I don't always get to choose when the visions happen," She said, quietly.

Kal-Nar smiled at his Padawan. "Then you must work on control or how you react to the force," added Kal-Nar.

"Yes Master, the one with the red lightsaber,
could it have been a Sith? Shouldn't we report it?" She asked

"Do you know exactly where this Sith was? Where did your vision take you? If yes, then yes we can, if not it does not matter, Padawan." said Kal-Nar

"No, I do not Master. It was a warning. I know it was," she said

"How can you report what you do not know?" advised Kal-Nar. "Training is over Padawan for now. Not that I take your vision lightly but we do not have the information to report." Kal-Nar said, walking towards the cockpit.

"Yes Master," She said, and followed.

==== Later ====

"We are approaching the not so beautiful destination of Tatoonie." Bri sarcastically commented to whoever was in the cockpit with her. "Home of scammers, scoundrels and apparently kidnappers. Best sand anywhere."

The Eternity landed with no real issues and Bri thought for a moment before telling her passengers. "I'll be at the bar. If you need me for any reason, feel free to come and get me. If I'm not there, I'll be here on the ship."

She'd offer to help but was probably far more equipped to stay near the ship than any actual rescue work.

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