The Great Escape part 2

A few minutes later, as promised the Blue Banshee came into sight. "There she is," Bri stated to anyone in the cockpit with her, before getting on the com. "Blue Banshee, this is Eternity, I have you in my sights."

Captain Blue was next to the mando named Maxx as they were working the controls. Anna and Abu were behind them while secured to their chairs. Capt. Blue heard the voice of Bri on the coms and he looked at Maxx as he said, "That's for us." Maxx replied, "Understood." Capt. Blue then flipped a switch and replied to Bri, "This is Capt. Blue. Bri glad you are still with us. We are in route to our coordinates. Let us know if there are any changes to the route." Blue then turned off the coms. Maxx then replied to Capt. Blue, "Even though we rescued them don't drop your guard. They were in that prison for a reason." Capt. Blue, "Agreed." Capt. Blue looked at Anna and Abu as he responded, "Our boss/employer would be very grateful for your cooperation during the meeting and would be generous when rewarding your aid, however if you choose to make a bad choice I can't say you will enjoy the results." Anna looked at Maxx and then at Blue before she replied, "Well you are nicer than the Separatists. They would not bother to negotiate and whip out the torture tools. Depending on the requests and the rewards........I'll keep an open mind, but my pal Abu here is part of my reward." Blue replied, "We can offer help and work if it is reasonable." Anna replied, "Well see." After the small talk they went back to heading to the programmed destination.

"Back at you Captain." Bri spoke into the com. As for telling them of any changes. "Will do. Meet you there." She broke communication and headed towards the coordinates of the meet up.

The two ships Blue Banshee and The Eternity met up and flew out of the planet's atmosphere into space. The Red planet's glow could be seen from the ships. It looked like they had made it. Six Fighters show up on the sensors flying in fast then a Hutt Light Cruiser identified as the Black Vulture appears trapping the two ships between the Fighters and the Light Cruiser.

Meanwhile on the separatist ship Munificent-class star frigate, Huntress Star, War Lord Aguro Eronoss. was on the Bridge he could not believe his droids and men failed such a simple mission. A man walked into the Bridge threw some doors dressed in camouflage uniform for the dessert. He bowed to War Lord Eronoss. "Sir, I..." That's all the man got out before he was shot by the warlord in the head.

War Lord Eronoss looked across the bridge "Anyone else wants to fail!" He yelled Now get this ship moving we need to capture the two ships now be for the Hutts do. Destroy the Light Cruiser now.

On the Dark Angle, the bridge crew was watching everything unfold. "Dam, well everyone is at the party, We better save the General or we will all be out of a job," said the commander on the bridge. The Dark Angel sped forward trying to cut the other battle Crusaders off. As the battle Crusaders met blaster fire from the ships erupted as they fired at one other intensely.

" oh no Master, this bad vary bad, i had hoped it was not true" She said quietly.

Giving a low growl Kal-Nar just looked out the cockpit. "Thank you for pointing out the obvious Patawan not get on a turret and help us find a solution." Kal's tone had some irritation in his tone.

"Bri, can you get us to the Dark Angle in one piece?" asked the Jedi master.

" O-on it master" She said going for one of the turrets.

Seeing the situation, Bri's first response was "Crap!!" She had known that was too easy.

The Dark Angel, in one piece ... well.... "Hold on."

She couldn’t go up or to either side because they were blocked, so, Bri hit the thrusters, and dropped the ship down trying to get below the ships blocking them. Anyone standing would be knocked off their feet.

However, before Bri could do much else, the ship took fire. The shields held but an alarm went off. "We have a problem. The ship took damage during the rescue. It was minor but if it keeps being hit, minor will turn to major real quick." Another hit. Bri fired back but it was easy to tell her ship was out gunned.,h_689,q_70,strp/yt_1760_small_transport_corellian_engineering_corp_by_mirage2000_de6qdkf-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTEyOCIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzk0Zjk0Mjc0LTVmN2EtNGUzMS04N2E1LTk5NTJhNmFmMThhOFwvZGU2cWRrZi1kNWViZTJiOS03YjczLTQ4ZGYtOWQ3NS1kZmQyMWY4MmUzYmQucG5nIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTE4OTYifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.tTqeBWZBdzX0T6KRSwSkROUjpIUY4PHQg0475qpzPzw

As the mando named Maxx's ship, the Blue Banshee, met up with Kal-Nar's ship, The Eternity, Capt. Blue spoke up, "Maxx we have six fighters on the sensors. They are flying in fast" Maxx looked at the screen then spoke up, "Looks like there are more." Capt. Blue checked the sensors again and groaned as he replied, "Is a Hutt Light Cruiser identified as the Black Vulture. They are trying to trap our two ships between them." Maxx moaned a bit then replied, "Make sure your seatbelts are secure cause this is gonna get rough." Just then Maxx engaged the turrets and began targeting the enemy ships.

" Pahas you could fly master if you can fly with your senses surly you stand a better chance of dodging fire" Astra suggested and she continued to fire.

As Maxx was evading the incoming fire, Capt. Blue was operating the turrets and firing at the enemy ships coming in. Since shooting big guns was Capt. Blue's specialty he managed to take out two fighters right away. However it was rather difficult to aim as Maxx took evasive maneuvers.

Bri quickly maneuvered to the left and avoided taking more fire. Then she maneuvered up, and right to avoid more. Bri said nothing to Astra's comment.

Kal-nar gave a loud growl this time. "Padawan! focus on your job and let Bri do her Job. Bri knows Eternity better than both of us. Unless you are trying to get us killed, Astra." His tone was very stern and some anger slipped in the tone as well.

"Y-yes master" She said quietly.

Bri gave a nod of thanks to Kal-nar, then quickly turned the ship slightly sideways to avoid more fire before straightening it back out. She was still trying to get them closer to the Dark Angle but with trying to avoid the fire, Bri was having a hard time doing so. Three fired on her ship at once, she swung the ship, up, down and sideways avoiding two hits, but the third hit her shields.

"Clive," Bri said to the Droid,"Hook into the ship and run a diagnostic. I need to know what, if any damage we're looked at."

Clive beeped and moved closer to the panel. The Droid hooked itself into a plug in, and began to run the diagnostic.
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" Die mother crinking " Aurora yelled as she fired at one of the Droid fighters. crinking

" you think twice befor messing with us after I'm done with you" She added after a moment.

The Dark Angle started to change position showing more of the underside of its hull. still firing a brogue of laser cannon fire. as it closes in. All of the cruses were starting to take damage now was small explosions flashed across them.

-on the Eternity -

"Bri do you see that they are doing fly around them then over over the bay," suggested Kal-Nar.

Kal activated his wrist communicator. "Captain Blue, follow us in." ordered Kal

"On it," Bri maneuvered around the control panel. She shifted the ship to get into a good position and did just as Kal-Nar had asked.

"Padawan, Aurora! You are stepping towards being disciplined. Because what I will do to you will make the Jedi counsel look pleasant." warned Kal-Nar.

" I'm kinda busy trying to keep Droid of our tail" she called back.

Bri wanted to laugh, at absurdity of having two Jedi on her ship. One swearing like a ....well like a pilot. The other threatening to reprimand the first while they're in the middle of a fire fight.

A few beeps came from Clive.

"Just let me know of anything serious, I'll get a full report later." Bri commented. A few more sounds from the Droid. And Bri, let out a breath. "Dank Farrik! It's destroyed? That's not good." Bri then said, while paying attention to her flying. "One of her shields are destroyed. Another is about 1/2 way destroyed. " Like all pilots, Bri referred to the Eternity as a "she".

"Just make it to the cruiser we can repair the shields. I think they plan to jump when we get inside," commented Kal.

Activating his comm. Kal looked at the Dark Angle. "This is Kal-Nar Cover fire would be nice." requested Kal. "This is Dark Angle, Roger, on my mark roll right and down. 3, 2, 1, Mark!" the vice from the Dark Angle stated. Now it was up to Bri for the rest.

A burst of turbo laser fire came from the Dark Angle. It was so thick you would think you could walk on it. Many of the fighters around the Eternity exploded into fireballs as the Eternity was close to the Dark Angel.

-- Meanwhile--
The Banshee was doing their own dodge and weave when they were engulfed in Turbo Lasers from the Dark Angle. The effect was almost like going to light speed with so much laser fire around them. but they still found themselves being cut off from the Dark Angle by a lot of vulture fighters.

Maxx focused on evading the incoming fire as they nearly missed his hull. Capt. Blue was busy operating the turrets and firing at the enemy ships, but it was a big challenge as Maxx was dodging the incoming fire. Capt. Blue compared this trying to shoot at a rodent while riding an industrial sized thumper. Capt. Blue got lucky as he took out another fighter during the insane flying Maxx was doing. Maxx send a message letting Kal-Nar's ship know they were being delayed in their arrival.

When Bri heard the order then. "Mark" She pulled off the maneuver so swiftly and smoothly, it was hard to tell the ship was damaged. This was the kind of flying Bri lived for, the stuff that got the adrenaline pumping.

She made it to the cruiser, "Let them know we're headed in to the cargo bay, to dock."

another scream and stream of swears erupts from Astra as she firers at several more Drones.

The Dark Angel finished its maneuver showed its underside to the fight and opened the bay doors to allow the Eternity and Blue Banshee to get inside.

The Dark Angel was starting to take light damage from the other cruisers that now seemed to be firing on the Dark Angel. The comms crackled "Eternity and Blue Banshee, This is Dark Angel, Now is a good time to land we don't have much time here." the Commander of the Dark Angel said more like an order.

The other two cruisers were trying to cut off the Dark Angel but the Dark Angel kept out manvering them. It was just a matter of time before the Dark Angel would be in real trouble.

The Eternity landed in the ship with no issues. Bri took over the com. "Dark Angel, the Eternity has landed "

Astra sat back in the seat. " Yah we made it" She said.

Maxx did a quick confirmation before doing an extreme landing onboard the Eternity while Blue blasted the two nearby fighters on their tail. Some debris ended up in the hanger and hitting the side of the Eternity, but the shields were holding true. After a scary landing Maxx and Blue turned to see a rather frightened Anna and Abu clutching each other in fear with a pale expression. Blue glanced at Maxx and muttered, "I hope your chairs are stain resistant. Maxx sighed as he replied, "They aren't."

The Clones on the flight deck recovered as things stopped flying around some came out from behind boxes others dove on the floor. Luckily no one was hurt both ships were smoking. Some Clones ran up and started to attend to the fires the feel of the Curser jumping to light speed could be felt.


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