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Summary: Master something doesn't feal right.

Astra deciphen

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Gender: Female

Age: 14

Group: Jedi padawons


She is human and original from Baklid. It's a planet in the puter rim on the eage of wild space. She was a member of the royal family. Astra however knows none of this. As far as she knows she was born on corisont.


Jedi padowons

She is vary gifted at seeing the future. She can product events with a clarity abs acurisey that most masters can not. (This ability is a poltergeist device).

She is also a talented healer.

Her giving skills could use help alot of help.


Padaown lurner.

Physical Appearance

She is small staning only 5 feet 5 inches. She barely waghs 100 pounds. Her hair is long and red. She had pail skin and blue eyes.

Personality and interests

She is cerouse and excited to learn, and always willing to help someone in need sometimes putting her own life in danger to do so.


She was brought to the jedi temple when she was barely 2 weeks old. Her great grandmother asked them to protect her and keep her identity secret. As the baby was force sensitive they agreed. All Astra has know is the jedi and the jedi temple. She is excited to start her next stage in training even if it is during a war.

Favourite Sayings

" Where's your sence of adventure "

Favourite food


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Image of Astra deciphen
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