Master and apprentice

JP: Redsword, Lily

Astra was led onto the brige of the dark angel. She was whering her traditional jedi robes. Her long red hair was tied up in a ponytail and hung down to just above her ankle. Her padowon brade however fell over her left shoulder. She aproched quietly and waghted patiently for the master to agnolage her. She remaind still and silent her blue eyes locked on some point in the distance.

The commander walked up to Kal-Nar and talk to him in a low voice. The ship was in hyperspace again as the tunnel of swirling lights moved as the ship ran smoothly threw hyperspace. The Commander gave a nod to Kal-Nar and walked away from the General. The commander walks by Astra. "May the force be with you, you need it." the Commander said in a low voice and then continued to walk away .

Kal-Nar wondered why the Jedi council kept sending small padawans to him. He gave Astra a cold gaze and what are you waiting for look. Kal-Nar gave a restless sigh. Come over here Padawan" ordered Kal-Nar.

"The force is my alley and a powerful alley it is" She said gently to the Commander as he left.

" yes Master. How has your day been" she asked as she steped forword to stand next to him.

" I don't I'll ever get use to hyperspace" She said. Her mind starting to drift to that dream she had the other night. It was still bothering her.

"Difficult at best," Kal-Nar replied almost unemotional Cold in a lot of ways. he was silent for what seemed forever but Astra could tell her new Master was going to talk.

"I hope you are listening padawan. you are not at the Jedi temple anymore you are not a youngling no one here will hold your hand. being a padawan means you know all the basics to survive." Kal-Nar started his tone stern as any military leader would talk to a recruit. "The harsh reality is here in space on new worlds that means you would last about 2 minutes before you die in combat. remember that before your leap into combat. I am a highly skilled lightsaber master I will teach you what I know But you need to think of the style you will follow If it is mine that's fine too." Explained with some inflection in his Voice now.

"You have a long path ahead of you with difficult decisions to make. One is the type of Jedi you want to be I am a Sentinel I am sure you have been taught the different types and their jobs. Deciding on who might live and die." Stated Kal-Nar his gaze was somewhat disturbing it felt like a lion looking at a mouse.

Kal-Nar sighed " the last one did not make the training or gave up on training." He said staring more intensely into Astra eyes. I hope you are not a quitter. because you won't last out here if you are." he said sternly to Astra.

She looked up at him." I know you would be my master long befor they told me. I also know your trying to scare me. I have seen this conversation play out twice already." She said a slight smile.

" You done scare me but the upcoming battles do. There's so much fighting if we don't put an end to it I fear there will be no one left standing" She said quietly as she looked up to meet his gaze.

"Scare you?" Kal-Nar smiled "No padawan worn you. You need to work on your translation of your visions. Your understanding of the force is extraordinary in that area. But remember to keep your focus on the here and now. My padawan.

Kal-Nar looked up at the Commander in the Combat information center (CIC) "some of your training will be as we complete a high-risk mission. We are to retrieve a specially skilled Information broker by the name of Anna Arky. Who the Hutts have imprisoned right now. She has information on the Separatists. As well she has information on us it is a race to see who can get to her first. At this time we don't think the Hutts know what they have." Kal-Nar explained.

Starting to walk Kal-Nar towards the Commander he motioned for Astra to come with him. "We are meeting up with a smuggler and her ship The Eternity. Taking Dark Angle to Tatooine might draw attention." He pointed it out more like being sarcastic than serious. "when we get there make sure you follow my lead one slip up and we could end up in trouble and fail the mission." Kal-Nar instructed.

" I heard that more then once" She said with a slight smile.

" it's only a failure if we give up master" She said as she followed him.

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