The Next Gig

The Mandalorian named Talerian Maxx landed his Modified YT-1760 small transport Corellian Engineering Corp in the hanger of Mos Eisley and secured his ship before getting it refueled and paid for the docking fees. It is a busy, bustling port city situated in a desert plain, populated with transients of all species. The lawless spaceport attracts criminals, smugglers and fugitives. It was as good a place as any to find work on the shady side.

Seeing as he needed to get a new job to pay for his expenses he made his way to the cantina. The Mos Eisley cantina is a dimly-lit tavern known for its strong drinks, hot tunes, and occasional outbreaks of shocking violence. Most star pilots visiting Tatooine spend their downtime in the cantina, making it an ideal spot to hire a starship's crew. Upon enter the cantina, a dimly-lit tavern patronized by visiting starship pilots. Strong drink is on sale at the bar and there are frequent outbreaks of violence among the clientele. The cantina attracts a range of exotic alien species, although droids are not permitted to enter". A band of domed-headed aliens plays a set of otherworldly jazz-style music.

Talerian looks around and walks up to the bar and waits till the bartender turns to notice him. As the bartender turns and sees the Mandalorian he almost has a heart attack as stumbles backwards.

Bartender: Oh sorry.....what 'll ya have?

Talerian: Angoian Kaluia with a straw.

The bartender nodded and made the drink for Talerian as Tal waited patiently. It was un-nerving for the bartender to near a mando since they were rather intimidating. Tal was getting several glares and glances as he paid for his drink and made his way to an empty booth to look around for work. He slid the straw under his helmet to sip his drink which helped him relax a bit after a long flight.

It wasn't long before a strange man in a robe approached Tal and spoke in a low tone.

Stranger: Looking for work?

Tal: Depends on who's asking.

Stranger: My superior is looking for qualified types.

Tal: What type of qualifications would that be?

Stranger: The type to remove threats with little collateral damage.

Tal: Sounds like you want a merc.

Stranger: It does indeed.

Tal: Does your employer have a name?

Starnger: Kal-Nar.

Talerian stared at the stranger for a bit before he replied.

Tal: So the Republic needs mercs now huh? Well it was only a matter of time considering the enemy.

Stranger: We live in troubled times.

Tal: We do indeed. I hope your employer knows my fees are not cheap since I produce results.

Stranger: He thought you would say that.

The stranger put a bag of credits on the table and slightly revealed his white and blue armored hand. Tal patiently watched the stranger and then slowly opened the bag to see it was indeed a good down payment. So he put the bag into his side bag on his belt and replied to the stranger.

Stranger: A down payment.

Tal: So where is the job at?

The stranger put a holocron on the table and spoke softly.

Stranger: This has the info you need to find and I will be your guide along the way. To prevent any misunderstandings.

Tal: I see. When do we leave?

Stranger: When you are ready.

Tal then finished his drink and nodded at the stranger.

Tal: Then we leave now.

Then the stranger and Talerian made there way to the hanger to find Tal's ship. Sadly a few thugs hoping to make a quick score were waiting to ambush since they saw the bag of coins back at the cantina. Four thugs armed with knives and pipes attacked the Mandalorian only to find themselves on the dirt ground with broken arms and legs. Tal considered killing them but knew it would be bad for future business so he stepped around them as the stranger was impressed by the speed and combat skill of the Mando. He was going to fight as well but he was clearly not needed for dealing with simple thugs. Once in the mando's ship, they bucked in and blasted off to their destination. The stranger removed his robe to reveal he was a clone Captain named Blue. They then headed to Mos Espa to meet with Kal-Nar and the rest of his team.


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