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Summary: A prodigious gnome girl with a passion for understanding fundamental truths

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Gnomes


Nationality: German
Class: Middle Class
Religion: The Invento


Job: Engineering Assistant at Wuppertal Company in Barmen, Germany.

Attributes: Prodigy

Cognitive Skills: Numerate, Well-read, Fast Learner, Strategic/Critical Thinker, Mentally Adaptable, Concentration, Creative Ideation, Exceptional Memory (Hyperthymesia, Eidetic memory, Synesthesia, and Emotional). Scientific skills (Observing, Communicating, Classifying, Record Keeping, Measuring, Hypothesizing, Inferring, and Predicting.) Skepticism (Questioning mind, a suspension of judgment, a search for knowledge, interpersonal understanding, self-esteem, and autonomy

Mechanical Skills: Drafting, Design, Mechanics, Fabrication, Laboratory

Languages: German, English, French, Latin and Greek


Flaws: No fighting skills. Significantly slower, smaller, weaker and more fragile due to the combination of sex and race. Drained by too much socializing. Struggles with conflicting individuals. Can zone out to get away from unpleasant or stressful situations.

Physical Appearance

Lorem is a lovely petite young lady, standing at only 3'6" tall. She has desirable, symmetrical and youthful features. There is an innocent and genuine sweetness to her blue eyes and facial expression. Her beautiful blonde hair reaches down to the sacral dimples on her lower back. Like all gnomes she also has elegant ears tapering to more of a point.

Personality and interests

Lorem is high in openness, though it is usually filtered through skepticism; this improves her creative side and helps her be open to trying new things, focus on tackling new challenges, and happy to think about abstract concepts. She is strong in conscientious; she enjoys time preparing, finishing important tasks right away, paying attention to details, and enjoys having a set schedule. She is low in extraversion; preferring solitude, finds a lot of socializing exhausting, has difficultly starting conversations, dislikes small talk, and carefully thinks things through before speaking. She is high in agreeableness; having an interest in other people, feels empathy and care for others, enjoys helping, assisting, and contributing to those that need it. She is low in neurotic tendencies; normally being emotionally stable, handling stress well, rarely feels sad, doesn't worry much, and is genuinely relaxed.

Additional Hobbies: Dancing (Waltz), Music (Flute), Calligraphy, Poetry and Philosophy

Current Areas of Inquiry/Practice: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Alchemy, Metallurgy, Astronomy, Aeronautics, Engineering and Architecture. (Always trying to add to the list)


Lorem's grandparents, as were all gnomes back then, were enslaved. In 1807, due to England's Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, the slave trade was abolished throughout the British Empire. This created a domino effect throughout Europe and western civilization for the future benefit of Gnome equality under the law. Germany followed in kind with the 1808 Stein-Hardenberg Reforms abolishing serfdom in general, which also extended to the condition of Gnome servitude. Her parents were the first generation of Gnomes born into freedom; however, it would take another generation before equality was truly accomplished. In the interim time, free Gnomes continued to work for their previous owners as paid (though not making the same as other races performing the same job) "Apprentices" with the stipulation that their offspring would no longer be bound to such requirements; this was the political compromise. Most of the progress of the Gnome civil rights movement in Europe had taken place before Lorem was born.

Lorem was born and raised in Barmen, an industrial metropolis of the region of Bergisches Land, Germany. She was identified early as a prodigy with an impressively keen intellect and innovative imagination. The board of directors at the Wuppertal Co. became patrons of her education and opportunities as scholarship for her working for their business enterprises. She followed in the footsteps of her father (who was a lower level lab technician) and took a position at Wuppertal Company, where she was an integral part of working on the first ever steam powered suspended monorail tramway system, called the Schwebebahn floating tram. Being female, she cannot hold the same prestige, earnings and title for the work she does at the company as would a man; however, she is more concerned with her position aiding her family and providing her the opportunities to work on the cutting edge of scientific advancement.

Nostrud (Father - Professional Steam and Clockwork Engineer working at Wuppertal Co. in Bramen.)
Nisi (Mother - Was a licensed architect until she started a family and transitioned into a very intelligent and clever homeschooling housewife)
Tempor (Oldest Sibling - Went into Civil Engineering and after working a period of time in the private sector transitioned into academics. He currently has risen to the level of a tenured professor at a German university in Bramen.)
Dolore (Middle Sibling - Went into the agricultural sciences and specialized in advancing the farming technology and practices just outside the industrialized center of Bramen.)

Favorite Sayings

"I enjoy doing at least 6 impossible things before breakfast!"

"The answer to all questions already exist. You only get the right answers if you ask the right questions."

"We should always be excited about today, for it is a place we've never been before."

"I do so love a good problem. Inside of it is hidden the opportunity to solve it."

"The more challenging the task, the more merit one derives from it."

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