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Summary: Life is art, yet death is reviled? Both have their joys and sorrows.


Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Araunda


Middle class artist
Religion: The Vepo Zon


Is a gifted vocalist, able to sing in several languages, and has a penchant for sculpture and paint. Often uses unusual and macabre materials for his work and prefers his art to include water in some way.
With a deep love for food, has become a skilled chef.
Through procuring his materials and for self defense, has become rather efficient with knives.
Is a self taught historian, enjoying a stroll through libraries and enacting old plays. It also fuels his love of old tales, being aware of a large portion of Europe's storied past, being particularly drawn to historic sites, the cultures that built them, and even keeps an eye on artifacts of note.
He also looks to the past for inspiration, having a solid grasp of art history.
Fluent Languages: North Germanic, English, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Latin.
Languages learning, but not fluent: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian


Has a bias against those that live solely on the land. Humans and dwarves especially, for their desire to live in places often devoid of any water.
Can often be cold and distant. Usually when focused on an art piece or when in thought, he can also be painfully direct when talking with others.
Has little experience with working with his hands outside of his artwork and almost no experience in a fight if he loses his knife.

Physical Appearance

With fair features and flowing green hair often left to hang around his shoulders, Vor wears little if he can help it. Loose pants or undergarments are used when in relaxed company, though will don a proper suit when in public or performing.
5'9" in height
150 lbs
Average muscle tone for his kind, he can accomplish some heavy labor with help.
Has a small scar on the back of his head, hidden by hair.
Pale green eyes that often unnerve those that look into them.

Personality and interests

He rarely smiles genuinely and the only time he truly laughs is around his own people. When left alone, he can enjoy the silence happily.
Due to a firm belief in his faith and personal bias, Vor believes those outside of the Araunda are mostly ignorant, since how could many of them live so far from the waters they all came from? Humans and dwarves especially irk him. Still, he can respect their tenacity and artistry, so tries to keep such opinions to himself.
During festivals and around his own kind, is very light-hearted and expressive. This also goes for his singing, as he lets himself go to fully express the music.


Born and raised in the northern waters of Norway, Vor'Aster was raised on tales of their ancestral homeland of the Mediterranean and of their ancient Queen Nimueh. Fascinated with the old tales, he became well learned in history and began traveling, gaining the attention of the upper class through his often unorthodox artistic skills.
While not upper class himself, he can often find a comfortable living in most cities.

Favorite Sayings

With Metira's blessing.
So the water flows. (So life goes on)

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Image of Vor'Aster
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